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Happy Release Week, Gavin & Ella, AND a Giveaway!

ItsOnlyLove200-200x310I’m so excited to get It’s Only Love out to readers this week! The fifth book in the Green Mountain Series is my not-so-secret favorite one so far, as we finally get to learn more about our grief-stricken hero, Gavin Guthrie. We first got to know Gavin in book 2, I Want to Hold Your Hand, when his late brother’s widow, Hannah, found new love with Nolan. Add to that the death of his brother’s old dog, Homer, and Gavin has been spiraling ever since. It’s been nearly eight years since he lost Caleb, his brother and closest friend, and Gavin had been muddling along fairly well until these two events happen one on top of the other, undoing all his hard-won progress. And who is there to pick up the pieces? Ella Abbott, who has loved Gavin for as long as she can remember, and who loves him despite the mess he’s made of things lately. Gavin has tried to keep Ella at arm’s length because the last thing he wants is to drag her into his darkness. But when he decides he can’t fight what he feels for her any longer, that’s when things get REALLY interesting for both of them. 
In case you can’t tell, I LOVED writing this book! Gavin and Ella were both such interesting, complex characters. Readers have bonded with them over the last few Green Mountain books as their story began in fits and stops—mostly stops—including a very memorable kiss on the beach during Hannah and Nolan’s wedding. Right when Ella has given up on ever getting what she wants with Gavin—and she’s turned to her two best friends, Ben and Jerry, for solace—she gets yet another chance with Gavin. Taking that chance is going to require more courage than she’s ever needed before. 
I want to be sure to say a special thank you to all the readers who bought the book on release day, giving it a great first day! It’s Only Love is in the Top 100 at Kindle and the Top 10 at both iBooks and Nook! I’m thrilled with those rankings and with all the fantastic reviews you’ve left so far. I read them all, and I love them all (well, most of them—LOL). I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of the way my lovely readers support every new book with such love and enthusiasm for my characters and my stories. You all make my “job” so much fun!
AintSheSweet500Many of you are telling me you’re excited for the next Green Mountain book, Ain’t She Sweet, featuring our resident pain-in-the-rear Charley Abbott. In It’s Only Love, you get a hint of who her hero will be, and let me just say that I’ve finished Charley’s book, and Tyler Westcott was MORE than up to the task of wrangling Charley. I had so much fun writing them, and revisiting the Abbott family. In Ain’t She Sweet, you will also get more of Max’s heartbreaking entry into fatherhood AND you find out more about Abbott cousin, Grayson Coleman. You’ll get to spend Christmas with the Abbotts and Colemans, and attend Hunter and Megan’s wedding. So there’s lots to look forward to in Ain’t She Sweet. You can preorder Charley’s book right now!
It will also be available in print and audio in April. I can also tell you that book 7 will be called Every Little Thing, but I’m not saying too much more about that one until you’ve had a chance to read Ain’t She Sweet. I don’t want to give anything away. 🙂 In other Green Mountain news, I’m hoping to write Lincoln and Molly’s story as a “prequel novella” in 2016. More to come on that AND I know you guys want more of Patrick and Mary’s story, which I also hope to write soon. Lots more to come from the Green Mountains! 
I’ll be signing It’s Only Love this weekend at both Vermont Country Stores—on Saturday from 1-3 pm in Weston and on Sunday from 1-3 pm in Rockingham. I’m taking my whole team to Vermont with me for the weekend, so watch my Facebook page and Instagram for some photos from the Green Mountain state. We can’t wait to go back to Vermont and to see our friends at the stores, too! Find out more about the stores and get directions at
  1. Comment on this blog post with your FAVORITE moment from It’s Only Love (try to keep the spoilers to a minimum) to win one of our FABULOUS release week Green Mountain prize packs! The prize pack includes:
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Today’s giveaway ends tomorrow morning, so get your comments in today! There are TWO other chances to enter today’s giveaway. Go to my Facebook page and comment on the pinned post AND comment on the Green Mountain Reader Group for yet another chance to win. So that’s THREE different opportunities to win a prize pack today! When you’re finished with It’s Only Love, join the It’s Only Love Reader Group to chat about the story with spoilers allowed. 

Thanks again for another amazing release week! 

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  • Zoya

    My favorite moment was when the book magically appeared on my Kindle!

  • Tiffany Turner

    My favorite was the “I Love You” moment and when they ate dinner together on the kitchen chair!

  • Jan Quinley

    My favorite moment was just as Dylan was saying his vows Ella’s senses told her things had changed. Marie it is hard to describe my favorite scene without a spoiler!! LOL

  • Julie C

    Fred the Moose

  • Sharon Rudolph

    My favorite moment was when Ella made Gavin work to win her back! I love that she didn’t cave immediately!

  • Geri LaCourt Grinstead

    My favorite moment is the conversation between Gavin and his dad after he has left Ella’s apartment declining her surprise.

  • Michelle Striegel

    “You had me at the roses”. I love the throw-back to Jerry McGuire – an awesome movie and a great line to adapt to this couple’s story. Thanks for another great read!

  • Nancy Gwaltney Stopper

    Not done reading yet but so far, the first time Gavin and Ella came together is my favorite moment

  • Kathy Dunn

    Fred, of course. But that aside, Gavin’s struggle and Ella firmly standing by his side. Beautifully written, Marie!

  • Leanna Charlier Iser

    I can not pick a favorite moment, I loved the whole book 🙂

  • Kathleen Bylsma

    I’ve not read this one yet so I cannot pick a favorite moment. Even if I had, knowing how you grow your people, I’d still have a hard time picking just one!

  • Diana Michelle Tidlund

    believe it or not… theres not just one moment… I love Lincoln and Elmer (Dad and Grandpa) and their meddling… couldn’t wait to see what they were gonna do and how they were gonna do it….. and of couse I love anytime Fred can show up in one of Maries books I’m there as I’m a moosehog and thats my email too!!!… LMAO

  • Lindsay Elders Trimble

    There are so many moments I love in this book…but I think my favorite funny moment was when Mrs. Abernathy was questioning her about the noise/hanging pictures. Great job as always Marie!! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Bev Sten

    I thought when her dad showed up in the helicopter and everyone thought they were under attack. That was funny.

  • mags

    My favorite moment was when it landed on my kindle! Apart from that loved the scene against the door, and when they told her neighbor they were just hanging pictures! Just Fab!!! 🙂

  • Leslie

    I really enjoy the scenes where the family is coming together to support each other. I loved the pre-season gathering at the Grange for all the employees and the spirit of the larger family of the store. I also was teary eyed at the family gathering for the birth of Max’s baby and the love they showed for him. The love scenes are great too ! But the spirit of family gets me every time.

  • Amanda Pogue

    While it’s hard to pin down one favorite part of this book, I think it would have to be at the inn. After Cindy tells her story and Gavin walks out, he is absolutely surprised that Ella actually helped him work through it. His realization then about how good she is for him did a lot to set up the rest of the story. And it was just a really great moment for them.

  • Christy Brown

    My favorite moment was the whole book!! It was a truly wonderful read! Can’t wait till the next.

  • Lisa Reigel

    My favorite moment is the Sunday dinner at the Abbotts. Always love those scenes.

  • Catherine M

    My favorite moment has to be the Sunday dinner at the Abbotts.

  • Denise

    I love Ella’s relationship with her mom and her talk before Sunday dinner. I also liked Ella’s dad warning Gavin. As always, the Abbott get together’s are kind of magical to me. I love their closeness and the way they banter back and forth. What a great book!

  • Pamela Broecking

    my favorite moment is a toss up between Mr. Abernathy knocking on the door, and when the Abbott’s banded together in reference to Ed Sheehan, and how quickly Landon took care of that situation.

  • Larral St. James

    My favorite part is when Gavin realizes that he can’t live without Ella and what he does about that!!

  • Marcy Meyer

    I loved the first Sunday dinner when Ella brought Gavin and everyone was doing double takes. Elmer and Lincoln’s twinkle in their eyes, like they were up to mischief. Loved it!

  • Misty Roy

    Sunday Dinner!

  • Susan Ellen Ronan Gourley

    Can’t pick just one……loved the whole book!

  • This book had so many “favorite moments” for me. But, I think the one that stands out most is the conversation between Bob and Gavin with Bob telling Gavin that he was most concerned about HIM when he learned of his brothers death. It broke my heart because, as a parent, I could totally understand where he was coming from. You always want to protect your children. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. I loved, loved, loved this story!! I can see why it might be your favorite in the series.

  • Shelley Youngblood

    I absolutely loved how strong each of the characters were written.

  • Jane O’Brien

    I liked hearing that Caleb wasn’t the perfect child/adult. Wonder if he and Hannah would have made it if he had lived.

  • Delaine McLafferty

    Another winning addition to your many books. This book had me laughing, crying and loving as if I was living this story. I don’t write or read the spoilers or early release of scenes but this book is a must read.

  • Betty K

    Hannah & Cam bidding Fred goodbye with news they’d only be gone a week!!

  • Glenda

    The easiest way for me to leave a non spoiler comment is that I love the scenes with Fred the Moose. 😉

  • Sharon Wild Kingsbury

    I like the part where Lincoln takes Gavin out to look at the trees. The respect between the men in their conversation about Ella is awesome.

  • CharleneR

    My favorite moment so far (about halfway done) is when Ella and Gavin are “hanging pictures” and Mrs. Abernathy knocks on the door to ask if everything is OK.

  • Jamie Houston Rhodes

    Not romantic, but I loved when Gavin’s dad was giving him the riot act. That’s a father’s love.

  • Barbara Santilli Caiazza

    I loved when Ella and Gavin went to Sunday dinner at her parents house. Loved when mostly everyone asked him what he was doing there. Great book!

  • Jackie Wright

    Still reading and I don’t want it to end so far and I’m sure this will change its when Gavin takes Ella to Sunday dinner with the family for the first time

  • Dianna

    so many favs, but love the interaction with all the characters, sunday dinner, etc.

  • Peggy Azinger

    So far, it’s all been GREAT. To pick a favorite, so far, , I loved Ella showing up for Sunday dinner at her parents with Gavin and the reaction of all her siblings!! Priceless 🙂

  • Pam Galbraith Albertson

    I loved it when Gavin came to dinner and everyone was shocked at seeing him with Ella.

  • Linda Scarchuk

    I will always love anything to do with Fred….

  • Marcia White

    My favorite moment, as it was for several others, was the family dinner. It was hard to pick just one, though.

  • Giraffelady Dianna

    Gavin is being a stick in the mud. Ella sees right through him, like we did with our hubbies

  • Amanda Robinson

    My favorite moment was the father/son talk with Gavin and his dad!

  • When Gavin waits the whole night outside Ella’s house 🙂

  • Maimeo’s Angels

    When Gavin takes Ella to the first family dinner. I love family dinners.

  • karen venditelli

    I loved the book and also absolutely have a thing for any scene with FRED!

  • Cheryl Hastings

    Sunday dinner was my favorite part 🙂

  • BerkeleyHapa

    Just got my copy so haven’t had a chance to find a favorite moment yet!

  • Diane Miller

    So many to choose from, but probably the conversation between Gavin and his father.

  • Malisa Sanchez

    When Mr Abbott had the “talk” with Dylan…I miss my dad…

  • Cheri Marimon Wrye

    My favorite moment is when Mr. Abbott and Gavin have a talk.

  • Lynn Papso

    I love all the support/concern Ella gets from all her siblings. I’m an only child and would love to have a big group of sibling friends to support me.

  • Amber Goodwin

    So many great moments but my favorite is probably “the talk” 🙂

  • Lisa Sikora Ingham

    When Gaven told Ella why he made her his ICE

  • Debbie Smith

    When the girls got out of the limo to deal with Fred was one of my favorites. I just love Fred!

  • Sharon Hahn

    My favorite was Ella telling Gavin about the 2 men she was with when went to rescue him.

  • Janet Blackston

    I love the hanging pictures moment, all things Fred, and that Ben and Jerry are the two men in Ella’ s life.

  • Meredith Capuco

    My favorite moment was Gavin’s reaction to Ella telling him that she had been out on a date

  • Bev Fasig

    I have only just now ordered it! My intention is to catch up on the Green Mountain series before reading this one.

  • Sarah Grim

    sunday dinner where the whole family get together

  • Jill Dion

    My fav was the tongue lashing Gavin received from a family member…

  • Seale Brown

    Looking forward to reading this! i love the connection between the two of them in book 2.

  • Annette OMullan

    I will always enjoy any scene with Fred the moose in it. I just love how he manages to show up at just the right moments. His appearance gives the character time to stop and think about his or her choices usually with a great outcome. I also really enjoy when all the Abbotts get together. They may tease each other but you can always feel the love!

  • Megan Pindyck

    One of my favorite moments – Gavin proposing to Ella on the beach in Turks so romantic. He totally surprised her.

  • Kay McCarter Pflueger

    My favorite moment was the inner dialogue Ella had when she was first at Gavin’s cabin.

  • Cheryl Nichols Caira

    My favorite part was when Ella and Gavin were “hanging pictures” and the neighbor “checked” on Ella to see if she was ok.

  • Susan Sheilds

    Glad you gave Ella and Gavin their own story. So far, my favorite part is the first Sunday dinner went they walk in holding hands.

  • Yvonne Rahn

    Family dinner

  • Heather Brandt

    I finished the book this afternoon since I took the day off for my birthday so I could spend it reading this book like I did last year too My favorite part was chapter 24 with Gavin and his dad and also in Caribbean when they reconciled!!

  • Tamika Cutler

    The door! I’m saying nothing more than that!

  • Donna Costa

    I loved when Bob went to Gavin’s cabin to talk some sense into him. It was such a beautiful scene and I bawled!!!

  • Traci

    I loved that Gavin got jealous over Ella’s date with Ben and Jerry.

  • Chrissy Beaty

    I think my favorite part is when Bob finally had the long overdue conversation with Gavin!! It had been a long time coming & I think Gavin needed to hear it!! I loved how Bob bared his heart & soul to his son.. Very moving,Marie!!

  • Texas Book Lover

    I loved meeting Caden! So very sweet.

  • Elizabeth T.

    I love this series – and the scenes with Fred the Moose are some of my favorites!

  • Linda Caruso

    Started reading about Ella and Gavin and cannot put the book down!

  • Anna Dinh Nguyen

    my favorite moment is when ella says the guys she is seeing is ben and jerry

  • Bernice Verret

    Loved the Sunday family dinner.

  • Belle Cornell

    I loved when Hannah and Cameron talk to Fred so he’d stop blocking their way out of town! I love Fred!!! I want a Fred the Moose plush!!!

  • Julie Lawson

    I would have to agree with everyone about Fred and all the Abbotts together, (oh and picture hanging) but… I would have to say my FAVORITE moment was actually with Max and the new Abbott addition. So moving! He’s going to make a great dad!!

  • marypreston

    Sunday dinner for me.

  • Cindy

    I loved fred the moose…

  • Sharon Sommer

    Any scene with Fred!!

  • Michelle Jayska

    My favorite part was when Gavin appeared at the wedding behind Ella! Made me melt a little inside!!

  • Melissa Mathews

    My favorite part was when he poured his heart out to her when he couldn’t hold back anymore

  • Fran Swarts

    My favorite moment so far is when Ella and Gavin are shopping for groceries.

  • Sharlene Wegner

    I have been waiting for Gavin’s story, but haven’t gotten to pick up the book yet! Hopefully this week-end! Thanks for the chance!

  • Linda Buzard-Moffitt

    Ella helping him overcome his grief can’t wait to see what else happens with them

  • Jennifer Pitas

    The wedding.

  • Tara McGrath

    I think my favorite part was Thanksgiving weekend where we get to meet Caleb and hear what they were thankful for.

  • Kim Tucker

    I loved when Gavin opened up to Ella after the reception at the Inn. He allowed her to comfort him and then said he loved her!

  • Wendy Keeney

    Amazing love story! Love that Gavin is smiling and laughing! Ella has such determination, people tend to give up too easily!

  • Vanessa

    Fred stopping Gavin and making him turn around

  • Teresa Bantz

    Only about 1/2 way though it – But I loved how Gavin made Ella his ICE contact in his phone.

  • Susan McCollum Dougherty

    One of my many favorite parts was when Gavin and Ella went grocery shopping, because it was a time of fun and seriousness, early in their relationship. I loved this book, so there were many favorites.

  • Irene Lansing

    When Ella got the call that someone ha her as his I.C.E. and she went and got Gavin and he reveiled he cared for her.

  • Rachel Crawford

    My favorite moment – Gavin’s surprise at his friend’s wedding – or Fred’s appearances.

  • Amanda Blanton Tubbs

    When he first knew he needed to marry her and when he told her he loved her!

  • Holly Sullivan

    Denise, Congratulations, you’ve been selected as the winner of the giveaway! Thanks for participating, and please send your mailing address to so I can ship your prize to you!~Thanks~Holly

  • Holly Sullivan

    Denise King, Congrats! You’ve won the giveaway! Please send your mailing address to and I will ship your prize to you. Thanks~Holly~

  • Anna Anderson

    When Ella discovers she’s Gavin’s ICE contact

  • Pauline Oliveira

    My Favorite Moment: When Ella didn’t cave and stuck to guns with Gavin when he arrived for the wedding,even though in her heart she wanted to make love to him! ….GO ELLA!

  • Denise King

    Where is the quiz, for Ella and Gavin ‘ s story, I can’t find it.

  • Cassi Harris

    My favorite moment was Fred blocking the one lane bridge.

  • Kim Tucker

    My new favorite part-when Gavin comes up behind Ella at the wedding on the beach. Priceless!

  • Barbara Santilli Caiazza

    Finished the book! I’m sorry it ended but I loved it! Got to say my favorite was the cabana scene!

  • Heather Shackett Gangloff

    So many great moments in this book! My LOL moment was when Mrs Abernathy interrupted them when they were “hanging pictures”! Then there was that last cabana scene….ahhh, so romantic!! <3

  • Michele Martin

    My favorite part(s)? The beginning, the middle and the end!

  • Christina Stevens

    My favorite moment was when Fred showed up again when they were on their way to the airport.

  • Vikus McGikus

    When Gavin showed up at the wedding and put his arms around Ella!!

  • Karen Holbrook

    My favorite moment was when Gavin told Ella that he wanted a relationship too. I’m sure we’ve all had a secret crush we would have given anything to hear those words from. I get butterflies reading these stories.

  • Kim MackRosenberg

    My favorite scene was when Gavin showed up behind Ella at Dylan’s and Sophia’s wedding,

  • Monica Cadle Kay

    This book is frigging awesome….. pardon my language….. actually I love all your books from this series and the Gansette Island series.. But how can I choose a favorite moment… when I have so many favorite moments….. you have serious, happy, sad, playful and hilarious moments and I love them all…. one of my favorite moment… when Gavin came to apologize after leaving Ella on the dance floor…. and he told her that he love her for the first time…. never thought he was going to say that at that specific moment…but gotta say it was the perfect moment…. that was my one of my happy awwwww moment. Ready to read Charley and Tyler story…… that definitely go be fire and ice….geesh April is so far away. Thanks for some very good read Ms Marie…

  • Shenelle Mabey

    My funny favorite part was when Fred stood and blocked the bridge to prevent Gavin from going home. I love that he always appears to help steer these hard headed men. I LOVE Fred and I am always laughing whenever he makes his appearance.

  • Michelle Cohen

    I love when Gavin and Ella show up for Sunday dinner and they find Lincoln saying something to make Molly giggle. After 26 years of marriage, my husband still makes me giggle!

  • Jennifer Reppucci Noonan

    I loved when Gavin “manned up” and flew to meet Ella. 🙂

  • Yvonne rahn

    Fred’s part is my favorite

  • Susan Williams

    I loved the book so much I can’t pick out a favourite part. It just went from one great bit to another. 🙂

  • Bev Fasig

    I’m looking forward to reading this book after I catch up on the series!

  • Carolyn Cooper

    I love how Fred, the moose, always appears at the perfect times to recharge his love of the family members! Great writing for the moose! Great move on Marie’s excellent writing approach! Love Fred!

  • Carole Hall

    Thanks for another chance to win! Marie you truly are the best! My (new) favorite part is the beach cabana, not sure how much I can say without posting a spoiler!?

  • Kathleen Bylsma

    Having not had a chance to read this book yet, I cannot tell you what my favorite part is, other than that you wrote it so I know it will be well worth reading!

  • Marie

    My favorite part was when Gavin wouldn’t tell his mother who he was bringing to dinner, and how happy the Guthrie’s were when he brought Ella.

  • Tiffany

    Not sure if I need to post again for this 2nd give away but yo be safe I am!
    My favorite part of the book was when Ella made Gavin dinner and they ate it together then had dessert together on the kitchen chair! So hot!

  • Julie C

    My new favorite part is the cabana scene! <3 Gavin!

  • I also loved the conversation between mother and daughter

  • Gina Baisley Kalos

    I really loved the part where Ella and Gavin were “hanging” pictures and Ella’s neighbor caught them. And she just happens to be their old school teacher!!

  • Texas Book Lover

    My favorite part was meeting Caden! So touching!!!

  • Greta Anderson

    My Favourite part is Gavin turnimg up at Ella’s house with a bunch of multi colour roses to apologize for being an idiot.

  • judi

    Loved so many parts of these two finding their way around the obstacles of emotion and loss – the quiet approach from behind – during the vows opened that door that fear had slammed shut – the way Gavin found his way back – truly wonderfully written

  • BerkeleyHapa

    Favorite moment was the proposal!

  • Meredith Capuco

    My favorite part was when Fred wouldn’t let the gang leave until Cameron said goodbye and where she was going

  • Traci

    I absolutely loved the entire book but one of my favorite parts was when Gavin shows up at the wedding.

  • Jennifer

    Favorite moment was Fred blocking the road and forcing Gavin to turn back into town…

  • rabia

    My favorite moment was when Gavin And Ella Go to the Inn’s opening and Cindy tels her experience, I loved it when Gavin stood there for his parents, but kept his cool because Ella was there to “hold” him in place. And oh, the times they takes about babies, their babies, was just precious.

  • Diana Perrone

    My favorite part was when Ella told Mrs. Abernathy that Gavin was helping her hang pictures. 😉

  • Marie White Mason

    I am not too far into the book yet, but am absolutely loving it! My favorite line so far is when Gavin says something about he doesn’t want to disappoint Ella. She replies, “You’re a man. You’ll disappoint me.” I just love her, it shows she loves him, but she knows what she is getting into!

  • Jamie Dickey

    When Gavin got jealous she was dating Ben and Jerry and decided he was going to try and make this work, which started everything.


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