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Lots of great news this week to report!

YoullBeMineUK500Thank You, Readers! A very special thank you to readers who helped to put You’ll Be Mine, Will and Cam’s wedding novella, on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists this week! I couldn’t be more thrilled to see their wedding story on the lists and to know you all enjoyed it so much. Thank you, thank you!

It’s Only Love, Out Tuesday!
ItsOnlyLove200-200x310The Green Mountain Series continues TUESDAY with the release of It’s Only Love, Gavin and Ella’s story, which I think is my favorite of the Green Mountain Series so far. We first met Gavin in book 2, I Want to Hold Your Hand, when he was hit with the double whammy of his late brother’s dog passing away and then his brother’s widow falling in love again. Poor Gavin had been muddling along for the seven years since Caleb, his brother and closest friend, was killed in Iraq. And then these two things happen one right after the other and Gavin begins to spiral. Who comes to his rescue but Ella Abbott, who has harbored a secret burning love for Gavin for longer than she can remember. Over the last few books, we’ve seen the push-pull between Gavin and Ella as she tries to save him from himself and he continues to push her away, afraid to drag her into his darkness. When Gavin finally decides he can’t resist her any longer, that’s when things begin to get REALLY interesting. If you haven’t yet read the first three chapters, check out the excerpt and preorder It’s Only Love to read it the minute it’s released on Tuesday (or Monday night technically…):

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***I will be signing It’s Only Love at the Vermont Country Stores, inspiration for the series, on Saturday, November 7, in Weston and Sunday, November 8, in Rockingham. Both signings are from 1-3 p.m. Come see me, check out the amazing Vermont Country Stores and get a signed copy of It’s Only Love next weekend!***

Hear My Thoughts on My Series & Other Stuff! Listen to my Kobo Writing Life podcast with Mark Lefebvre from my trip to Toronto! Click here for a great interview and awesome questions from readers. 

Virtuous is FREE I’m very excited to report that Virtuous, Book 1 in my erotic romance Quantum Series, is part of the First in Series Free promotion at iBooks. You can get Virtuous and many other first-in-series books for FREE at iBooks. Because the other retailers match the lowest price, Virtuous is free everywhere right now, and will remain free for the month of November. So if you haven’t yet started the Quantum Series, now would be a great time with Book 4, Rapturous, coming Jan. 19. Get Virtuous here: Kindle US, iBooks, Nook, Google, Kobo, Kindle UK, Kindle AU and Kindle CA

A First Look at Rapturous! This week, we released the first look at Chapter 1 of Rapturous, Hayden and Addie’s story. Preorder Rapturous here: Ebook Preorder: Kindle US, Nook, iBooksGoogle, Kobo, Kindle CA, Kindle AU and Kindle UK Print Preorder: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound and Chapters Indigo

Celebration After Dark is FINISHED! And the title of Gansett Island Book 15 will be… The last bit of news I have is that Celebration After Dark, Big Mac and Linda’s story, is now FINISHED and being formatted for a Dec. 1 release. I’m so excited to share this look back in time with Gansett Island fans AND to give you NEW story for each of the five McCarthy siblings in this novella. It’s 43,000 words, so you’ll get plenty of time with the McCarthys as well as a hint of the next book, Desire After Dark, which will feature Slim and Erin. Preorder Celebration After Dark now to read on December 1!

Ebook: Kindle US, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Google, Kindle UK, Kindle AU and Kindle CA

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Coming also in audio!

A Chance to Win!

If you made it this far, you deserve the chance to win a prize. I’m giving away a Green Mountain Prize Pack that includes a signed print copy of It’s Only Love, a $50 gift card, a stuffed Fred the Moose and other Green Mountain swag. To enter, leave a comment on the blog about which of the new books you’re most looking forward to OR you can ask me a question about any of my books/series. Your choice! The winner will be chosen on Monday. If enough of you enter, maybe I’ll give away TWO prize packs. 🙂 Thanks for all your tremendous support of my books. Have a great weekend! xoxo Marie

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  • Elizabeth Breese

    I’m looking forward to rapturous – I’m so far behind on the gander series!

  • Randee Vierk

    I’m looking forward to Mac and Linda’s story. I love this series.

  • Christy Brown

    I am looking forward to ALL of the books coming out!

  • M. Khan

    Can’t wait for Gavin and Ella’s story!

  • Tracy

    Looking forward to It’s Only Love so much. Have loved Gavin and Ella since the first time they showed up in the series 🙂 Wish I could make it to Vermont for the book signing…maybe next time!

  • Dawn Walsh

    I am looking forward to ALL of them but especially Rapturous and Gansett: Celebration after Dark

  • judi

    Hmmm let’s see – which new book am I looking forward to??? I really need to see where Gavin goes or how Ella rescues him from his darkness and he rescues her from her longing – that’s pretty much the same as with Addie and Hayden – oh dear – one force filled rescue at a time

  • Carolina

    I am definitely looking forward to It’s Only Love. The road to recovery from losing someone in a war zone is one that few may understand. We need people like Ella who’s love is so strong it brings light into the darkness.

  • Trish Scotto Horgan

    I am looking forward to Rapturous. Loved that series and can’t wait to read Hayden & Addie’s story.

  • Delaine McLafferty

    I’m really looking forward to Mac and Linda’s story.
    But then Rapturous is on my list as well, but it’s release date is last so I can look forward to this one after I read Celebration After Dark.

  • Trish Scotto Horgan

    I just read One Night With You. It was great. I am now so excited to read the whole Fatal series, the only books of yours that I have not read yet. I can’t wait to dive in! I get so excited when I see that you have new books coming out! Keep up the great work. Bravo.

  • Michele Williams

    I can’t decide which book I’m most looking forward to. The Gansett series is what I started with but fell in love with the Abbott family too.

  • Fallon Dominique

    I am really looking forward to getting to read about Gavin and Ella in the Green mountain series next week. But I will not lie I am looking for to Rapturous in January!!!!!!

    • Holly Sullivan

      Fallon, You have been selected as a prize winner! Congratulations:) Please send your mailing address to and I will ship it to you. Thanks~Holly~

  • Lindsay Elders Trimble

    I’m really looking forward to Mac & Linda’s story…oh heck who am I kidding I can’t wait for any of them!! Keep up the great work Marie!!

  • Jill Dion

    WOW if I have to choose I think it would be It’s Only Love… I can not wait to read this one. On a side note every time you do a signing here it is the weekend I have to work. Maybe next book I can make there…. have fun!

  • I am so looking forward to Ella and Gavin’s story. We’ve been teased about them for a while now. I want to read about their “Happily Ever After”!! Tuesday can’t get here soon enough!

  • Evelyn

    I’m so excited for Celebration After Dark since I love the Gansett series so much. I can’t wait to start reading it! But all of your books are amazing so it’s difficult to say.

  • Kathy Howell

    I am looking forward to Gavin and Ella’s story! Can’t wait to see what is in store and catch up with other Abbott family members. I mark the date of each release so I can be ready to read! Can’t wait for them all!!!!!

  • Susan Ellen Ronan Gourley

    Marie if you could live the life of one of your characters for a week who would it be & why? Can’t wait for all the upcoming releases – love all your books!

    • Ohhh, that’s a good one! I think I’d have to say Sam because her life is so interesting–and she gets to sleep with Nick. Nuff said, right? LOL

  • Gwendolyn A Neff

    I’m excited for Celebration after Dark can’t wait to read how the McCarthy’s got started

  • Zoya

    It’s Only Love

  • Diane Croteau Ball

    I can’t wait for Ella and Gavin’s story, They deserve it. 🙂

  • Kymmie Rose

    I’m looking forward to all the books coming out!!! I am so glad I found you when looking for a new author!

  • beth

    Please don’t ever stop writing the Gansett Island series. Big Mac is my favorite character!

  • Sharon Wild Kingsbury

    I am really looking forward to reading Celebration After Dark. I want to know how the McCarthy family started with Mac & Linda 🙂

  • Lori MacNabb

    Gansett After Dark is the one I am looking forward to. I have read the Fatal series and the Quantum books and recently started binge reading Gansett Island – I am just starting Ready for Love. By the time Gansett After Dark is released it should be the next on my list! I’ll have to read the Green Mountain books in the new year.

  • Susan McCollum Dougherty

    It is a hard choice, because I am looking forward to them all, and I would have to say it is a tie between It’s Only Love and Rapturous.

  • Sharon Grow

    Definitely Fatal Identity!!! I have my husband hooked on this series as well.

  • Julie Lawson

    I have been waiting for Ella and Gavin to get there HEA! I love all your books, so really I am always excited about any book of yours coming out.

  • Anita Fusco

    Looks like new cover for Gansett after dark. I like it.Hard to pick which book can’t wait for all 3. Gansett after dark would be my pick. Love Mac and Linda and plus we will see what happens to Slim and Erin that is a plus. November, December and January great months for Marie Force fans. Thank you.

  • Debbie Smith

    As much as I love the Green Mountain series, Gansett will always be my favorite. I’m looking forward to Desire After Dark. Even though Slim and Erin are minor characters (compared to McCarthy clan), and I just love how have become of part of the island.

  • Janet Blackston

    I love all of your books and look forward to all of them, but I am most looking forward to It’s Only Love, Gavin and Ella’s story, especially since you said it is your most favorite so far.

  • Anita Fusco

    I meant Celebration After Dark, sorry.

  • Kim Rothenbuhler

    I am sooo excited to read Ella & Gavin’s story! Gavin spoke to me almost immediately when you 1st mentioned him & I can’t honestly explain why my heart broke for him but this story will be one of my most anticipated releases 🙂 LOVED getting a sneak peek at Rapturous too…TY<3

  • Cam Piscopo Keener

    I cannot wait to read “It’s Only Love”!!! I’ve been waiting for Gavin’s story since we first met him in book 2. And I’m hoping that we’ll learn a bit more about Caleb as a person and a brother as Gavin shares his heart with Ella. Very excited!!!

  • Linda Pitler

    I love all of your books, but I think I’m most looking forward to Hayden and Addie’s story.

  • Sharon Rudolph

    I am looking forward to reading Big Mac and Linda’s book! Then again I am really looking forward to Gavin and Ella’s book!

  • Charlotte Ellaby

    i’m so excited about Ella and Gavin I really can’t wait I’m re reading the series now in preparation for next Tuesday really can’t wait. I also can’t wait to find out who the next book is going to be about I am really hoping it’s Wade and we can find out more about the woman he has been ‘seeing’

  • Debbie Neutzling

    Which book am I looking forward to??? All of them. I started reading Gansett then went to Fatal series then all Stand alones ETC ok any book with your name on it. Each of your stand alones or series are so unique. You do not get bored.

  • Geri LaCourt Grinstead

    I am anxiously awaiting Rapturous. Of course I have preorder all of the releases up till then so also looking forward to Gavin’s story. My question to you is do you know how the book is going to end when you begin writing it or does what you write determine how it will end. Hope that makes sense. Have always wondered that with the different series. Thanks for the wonderful characters in the books.

    • Hi Geri, no I never know how a book is going to end. I like to figure it out as I go along. 🙂 Thanks for the question.

      • Geri LaCourt Grinstead

        Thank you for sharing that info Marie.

  • Kathleen Bylsma

    The Gansett Island series for sure, but I read all of your books because you write so very well. You give life to the most interesting people causing me to invest in their lives within the first few pages.

  • I can’t wait to see what Ella and Gavin do 🙂

  • Jan Quinley

    I think I’m most looking forward to Celebrations After Dark. It’s a chance to read about “my generation” of the McCarthy family. My husband and I celebrated our 47th anniversary this past summer. My mind may relate to the “young ones” but my body relates to these two. LOL

  • Lynsay F.

    While I am looking forward to Ella and Gavin’s story, I’m most looking forward to the next Fatal book.

  • Mary

    Although I love all your books, I am most looking forward to Celebration After Dark for Big Mac and Linda’s story. All your books make me both laugh and cry, truly a sign of a great author!

  • Joyce McCarthy

    Looking forward to all of them but especially Celebration after dark to catch up on everyone.

  • sharon sisselsky

    I can’t tell which book I am most excited about. If it is wriiten by Marie Force or M.S. Force, I am most excited!!

  • Valerie Cinocco Crespin

    I am really looking forward to Erin and Slim’s story. I’ve been waiting for a story about Slim ever since he was introduced many books ago. That’s what I love about your books, so many interesting characters that you can focus on for future books. I waited a long time for Shane’s story too. But my all time favorite couple will always be Joe and Janey. 🙂

    • Holly Sullivan

      Valerie, You have been selected as a prize winner! Please send your mailing address to and I will ship it to you, Congrats!~Holly~

  • Becky King

    Love all your books but can’t wait to read big Mac and Linda’s story

  • Diane W

    I am really looking forward to all the books, but most especially Hayden and Addie’s story!

  • Katherine T

    already pre-ordered Rapturous.Finished all the rest of all your series books. Simply can not wait.

  • jroz64

    Looking forward to Ella & Gavin’s story & maybe learning some more about the other Abbot. Look forward to all your books

  • Ronda R. Brewer

    That is so hard. i can’t wait for any of them, but if i have to choose. it would be a toss up between Rapturous and Celebration after Dark.

  • suepeace

    I am very much looking forward to next week and It’s Only Love!! 🙂 Followed closely by Celebration After Dark!! 🙂

  • I am very much looking forward to more Green Mountain Stories. 🙂 Will we find out who is next after Charlie’s book?

  • Jennifer Pitas

    I would have to go with It’s Only Love followed by Rapturous.

  • Stacia Smith

    I am eagerly anticipating Ella and Gavin’s story!! And of course the next book in the Fatal Series!!

  • Rachel Meland Hartmann

    I love all your series, but I am most looking forward to Fatal Scandal. The Fatal Series is my favorite! I love the action, suspense, romance and family that the series provides. It feeds my soul! Lol!

  • Deanna Moore

    I can never wait for any of your books to come out but I’m really looking forward to Rapturous!!

  • Lisa Reigel

    It would have to be Celebration After Dark. Looking forward to hearing more about Big Mac and Linda but especially love to hear what each of the five McCarthy siblings are up to.

  • Carole Hall

    I am rereading the Treading Water series, and I am so thankful I am as I had forgotten a lot over the years. However I am, also looking forward to Gavin & Della’s story…and Big Mac and Linda… MAN, so much to read, so little time!!!

  • Seher Syed

    Honestly, its a toss up. I am looking forward to all the new releases…obviously!!!! I am most looking forward to Celebration After Dark because not only we can get to find out about Linda and Big Mac`s story (and how a city-gal was able to come to the island life), but we also get to know how the McCarthy siblings are up to, including the newly discovered half sibling Mallory,who I am curious to learn more about.Since we are going back in time, I am also excited to learn a little more about Shane and Laura`s mother…Frank McCarthy`s late wife and learn how Big Mac and Linda were in their early days…lol

  • Debbie Jensen

    I love all your books, but I’m looking forward to “It’s Only Love”. I can’t wait for Gavin and Ella’s story.

  • Stephanie Layne

    This is very hard Marie but I am most looking forward to Celebration after Dark for Big Mac and Linda’s story.


    Its only love,is your next book i want to read.

  • Carma Thompson

    I’m looking forward to Celebration After Dark and learning more about Mac and Linda.

  • Chris Jucius

    I’m looking forward to Tuesday and next month! That said, I will quickly finish the books and have to ponder what to read until your next book is out.

  • Victoria Goldy-Rhodes

    I think I am most looking forward to Celebration After Dark, but what prompted the change from “For Love” to “After Dark” in the titles of the Gansett Island books?

    • Victoria, I changed the titles with Gansett After Dark because that book was a revisit of the characters who’d starred in book 6, so I wanted to give it a slightly different title. Then I decided, well, this is the second set of 10 books, I may as well change it up a bit. Thus the new titles. I like to keep things interesting and dynamic.

      • Victoria Goldy-Rhodes

        Ah, ok! I’m not up to book 6 yet, but I’m making my way slowly through both Gansett and your Fatal series. It threw me for a loop, and I’ve always wondered the reason for the change. Thanks for answering my question!

  • Samantha Roseberry

    Celebration After Dark. The McCarthys are amazing! I wish I was one. Is it too late to be adopted?

  • Darlene Holley

    I’m really looking forward to reading It’s Only Love and Celebration After Dark. I couldn’t choose just one of them because I am waiting to read both!!! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway 🙂

  • Kathyg

    I look forward to all of your books..I’m just starting the Fatal series again…and am eagerly awaiting Rapturous!!

  • Jennifer Cowan

    I’m looking forward to It’s Only Love!!! I can’t wait to read more about Gavin. He NEEDS a happily ever after;)

  • Lynn Papso

    I am so excited for the release of It’s Only Love. Looking forward to Gavin and Ella finally finding so,e happiness. I can’t remember when I have been this excited about one of Marie’s books.

  • Catherine M

    I can’t wait for It’s Only Love.

  • Peggy Azinger

    I’ve read the first three chapters of “It’s Only Love” three times now and can hardly wait for Tuesday. Poor Ella has herself so worked up, are they going to do it or not???? Did Gavin ask her to stay, just to comfort him? Will he be a gentleman and say for them to wait until he’s sober?? Will Ella attack him?? OMG!! It can go so many different ways!!!! How many more hours until TUESDAY!!!!

  • KLo1985

    It’s Only Love for sure – Green Mountain is becoming my favorite series…

  • Susan Bailey

    Celebration After Dark! Love, love, love your Gansett Island books.

  • Fran Swarts

    I look forward to all your books. Gansett and Green Mountain are my favorite series. I still think Fred needs a girlfriend lol.

  • Teresa Bantz

    Most looking forward to the new Green Mountain Series book – It’s Only Love. This series has me hooked!!! 🙂

  • Amber Goodwin

    So excited to read Rapturous! Excited for their story?

  • Donna Costa

    Very much looking forward to “It’s Only Love”. I’ve been waiting for Gavin and Ella’s story. I wish I had Tuesday off from work.

  • Ali Hird

    Really looking forward to Ella and Gavin’s story. I have worked extra hours this last week so I can take the day off on Tuesday. I will be reading at the appointments I have booked that day!!! So excited and thanks again Marie❤️

  • Heather McSweeney

    I can’t wait for them all, but if I have to choose, it’ll be Mac & Linda’s story. I’m excited to see how it all begins and and thrilled you took the time to tell their story!

  • Sheri

    It is hard to choose because I am looking forward to Ella and Gavins story as well as teh story of Mac and Linda. I am so exicted to reard both of thiese stories. I have enjoyed both of these series along with the rest of your books. Thank you for telling such great stories.

  • Jane O’Brien

    Celebration after Dark, love the Gansett family.

  • Stacie Blair

    I am sooo looking forward to Celebration After Dark! A look at where it all “started” Big Mac and Linda are the foundation of the family and set a perfect example of love and marriage for all their children to see.

  • Leann Renner

    Big Mac and Linda’s story . Where it all begain..

  • Barbara Santilli Caiazza

    I can’t wait for all of them to be released! But since I have to pick one I’ll say it would be: It’s only love

  • Cynthia Gallaher

    I am so looking forward to Big Mac and Linda’s story. Plus the fact that each sibling will get a new story. Marie, is that a different cover than was previously revealed? I really do like it.

    • Yes, I didn’t love the first one. This one is so much better. Glad you like it.

  • Connie Reynolds

    You’ll be Mine. It was a great story but I wanted more.

  • Kathy Dunn

    Can’t wait for Celebration After Dark!

  • Gina Baisley Kalos

    It is really hard to choose which new book I am most looking forward to. However, since the McCarthy’s are what started it for me, it has to be “Celebration After Dark”. I can’t wait to learn all about How Big Mac and Linda met and fell in love.

  • Judy Poole

    I love the McCarthy. They’re amazing. I can’t wait for Celebration After Dark to be released. I also love the Green Mountain Series. But to be honest I love all of your books. You are fabulous. Looking forward to starting the Quantum Series. Happy Halloween

  • Seale Brown

    It is so hard to choose only one. I think just because it is a bit different I might want to try Rapturous first. Currently I am behind the latest book in each series but Christmas is coming and everyone knows i want the latest book.

  • Jackie Wright

    I love all of your books and I love that each series or trilogy has been so different but I have to say I cant wait for Celebration After Dark I need to know where it all started for Gansett Island

  • Peggy Collins

    Rapturous for sure but I am looking forward to all of them. I love all 3 series so much!

  • Karen Terry

    I can’t wait to read any of your books. I have never read any of your books until I read an excerpt from Dru’s reviews.

  • Marialba Martinez

    I must admit that while I like the Green Mountain series, the Fatal series is my absolutely favorite followed by the Gansett Island books. But it is great that you are writing all three series because there is always a book coming out! I am never disappointed!

  • Jamie Dickey

    Looking forward to all, but since I read the sneak peak of Rapturous that’s the one I’m looking forward to the most. I usually don’t read the previews because I get mad I have to wait.

  • Terry Galloway Trahan

    I can’t wait for Celebration After Dark! To read how the Patriarch and Matriarch met and fell in love, well that is going to put the icing on the cake!!!

  • Linda Caruso

    I am so enthralled with the Gansett Island Series. I just cannot put these books down, nor can I ever put one of your books down. I’m hooked!! Can’t wait for Celebration After Dark. I need to retire so I can “read my life away”!

  • Tina Todd Shobe

    I’m looking forward to all the new releases but especially Celebration After Dark After. I’m in the process of re-reading the Gansett Series. I love all your books!

  • Cindy

    While I love all your books I have special place in my heart for the Gansett series. After all Maid in Love was my first book of yours I read..

  • Kelly Altria

    I’m looking forward to everything written by the great Marie Force! They are the only books holding my attention at the moment.

    Do you forsee doing any more standalone books or is your planner so full with your series titles at the moment you can’t contemplate that right now?

    • Hi Kelly–no plans for more stand alone books. Not only are the four series keeping me incredibly busy, but I don’t have an idea that’s burning to be told in that format right now. So no immediate plans, but I never say never.

  • Diane Blaser

    It’s Only Love…I have been waiting a long time for Ella and Gavin’s story and I can’t wait to read it. It’s gonna be awesome! Thanks Marie. You make this fan very happy with every book you write!

  • BerkeleyHapa

    Looking forward to Celebration After Dark!

  • Kumiko Shin

    Looking forward to It’s Only Love. I love the Green Mountain series. But I’m also looking forward to Slim and Erin’s story. Can’t wait!

  • Karin Lantos Zito

    I’m most excited about (and have been waiting so patiently) for It’s Only Love…..I love this series. The dad and the grandpa are my faves!!!!!

  • Lisaione

    I am very excited for the release of Gavin and Ella’s story. I don’t read the excerpts as they just ake the wait harder.

  • Traci

    I’m looking forward to It’s Only Love though I love all of Marie’s books!

  • Cyndi Duke

    I’m really excited about Rapturous….Hayden and Addie are HOT! I am anxious to see if Addie is a freaky kinky girl who has been hiding! I wonder if she can give Hayden a run for his naughtiness!

  • Kathleen McKenna

    Can’t wait to see how it all started!!! Looking forward to Big Mac and Linda’s story!!!

  • Sabrina Langdon

    Celebration after dark is the one I am looking most forward too. Can’t wait to get back on the island.

  • Jennifer Artiles

    I love the McCarthys and look forward to the next in the series,
    so it would be “Celebration After Dark”!

  • Mary Smith

    I am looking forward to every book coming soon but mostly Celebration After Dark to learn more about Ma and Linda. But who am I kidding, I look forward to all of your books.

  • Hollie McCandless

    I love everyone on Gansett, but I’m really excited to dig into Rapturous!

  • Donna Opalenik

    I am looking forward to them all…..:) I love all your books but I am so looking forward to Celebration After Dark

  • Barbara Tobey

    I am most looking forward to reading CELEBRATION AFTER DARK. Thanks for a great series.

  • Tamika Cutler

    Marie Force, I am unbelievably excited about Rapturous!!!!! Will Hayden and Addie’s story be a trilogy also? Or will each book now be about a different character? Thank you so much for all of your characters. They are all amazing! I hope to see you in June at reader retreat!

    • Tamika, Hayden and Addie’s story will be one book. Each of the Quantum books going forward will be contained within one book, unless I get another idea for a trilogy. 🙂

  • Lesli Godfrey

    I am excited about all of them. haha. I think it would be the next 2 Gansett Books.

  • Marie White Mason

    I look forward to each & every one of your books, every time! But I have to say, right now I am most looking forward to Big Mac & Linda’s story. They have such great & wonderful, amazing kids, so their story just has to be splendiferous, right????? I just can’t wait, I know I will love it, from cover to cover! 🙂

  • AmandaS

    I’m looking forward to reading Rapturous! 🙂

  • Shirley Hearn

    Celebration After Dark! I love all your books, but this series has just stayed with me. I can re-read and enjoy them all over again! Thank you for all your hard work and all the hours of pleasure you have provided me. Reading one of your books takes me away from some every day “stuff” that you just need a break from. Thank you again!

  • Diana Justus

    Celebration After Dark and then Desire After Dark. Love reading about the McCarthys!

  • Jeanne Shuff

    Most looking forward to It’s Only Love, can’t wait to read Gavin and Ella’s story. But I do love all of Marie’s books!

  • Techgranny

    I am looking forward to reading Big Mac and Linda’s story. To have raised such wonderful children they have had to be great role models.

  • Joyce Noll

    I am SO behind on reading your books (!) and the only series I stay completely caught up on is the Fatal series (my actual favorite); but the Green Mountain series satisfies my soul and it’s difficult to say exactly why. Maybe because, unlike you, I grew up loving the Beatles and love that you named these books after their songs. I actually think though that it’s the labs. We’ve had three and they are by far the greatest dogs ever! Or maybe it’s just the love that the books speak of so eloquently! (I could go on, but I’ll stop!) Love you Marie!

  • Grace Bartlett

    I’m looking forward to Celebration After Dark.

  • Melody

    I’ve been looking forward to reading It’s Only Love.

  • Tammy Faris

    Without a doubt, Celebration After Dark, is definitely what I’m looking forward to the most! Although I LOVE all of your books, Gansett Island will forever be my very favorites. ♥♥♥ Thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway!

  • Irene Lansing

    My first book of Marie’s book’s was for free.That book was Meant for Love about Mac and Maddie they are close to my heart. I am so looking forward to Linda and Big Mac’s story. Too me when Marie write’s a book she makes you feel the love,careing and the family and friends along the way in her book’s. She is truely amazing and has a gift for writeing.

  • Kim Hughes

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  • Holly Sullivan

    Thanks to everyone for all of the great responses! Since we had so many replies we picked two winners:) Valerie Cinocco Crespin and Fallon Dominique, please send your mailing addresses to and I will ship your prizes to you. Thank you!~Holly~

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