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I’m loving being back on the island for another visit with the Gansett crew. More info coming soon about when you can expect to read Love After Dark!

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  • June 18, 2015
  • News
  • lynz

    As I’ve only read the first 2 books so far, my favorite moments are definitely the scenes with Maddie’s son and Mac.

  • Kathleen Bylsma

    I love the way you weave real life in your stories…from following your blog, I see references to things in your life that have applied to your books.

  • Kim Hughes

    I love so much but I will go with Mac and Maddie meeting since that is how it all began.

  • Marcy Meyer

    So many great moments to choose from. I think the one that always sticks with me and makes my heart shutter is the accident on the dock. When Big Mac gets knocked out and into the water, I think my heart stopped and I held my breath. The way Luke hurt himself to get the driver to stop and Mac held his dad up in the water, caressing his head and crying. So emotional.

  • Cam Piscopo Keener

    I just love all the moments when Mac’s love for his kids shines through. His love is so sweet and patient and boundless. Such a wonderful Dad who has set an excellent example for his children on how to love with their whole hearts.

  • Mehvish Khan

    I love Evan and Grace’s story. I very much relate to Grace so seeing her find her happily ever after with possessive Evan gives me hope I’ll find someone, too, one day 🙂 I can’t wait to read about their wedding!

  • Cat

    I love gansett after dark with Laura and Owen. He gets the closer he needs and is able to move on and be happy like he truly deserves.

  • UpNorthof203

    Maddie, I wanna be Maddie!

  • Dana Garcia

    There are far too many to choose from, however, I did enjoy reading Longing for Love where Tiffany opens her Naughty & Nice boutique with the fun “toys” in the back. The island divided on its opening, who was shopping in the back, Tiffany’s advise to her customers, getting to “know” her products, the final Town Hall Meeting, and I could go on…. It gave Gansett Island After Dark new meaning. It was kind of an early pre-cursor to the Quantum World. Block Island is definitely on my list of places to visit. Wish I could attend the Readers Weekend but maybe next year. LOVE the series with the McCarthys and the rest of the residents. Looking forward to the next story with Paul Martinez.

  • Techgranny

    I agree that there are specials parts to each book. But I guess because I love music, I love when everyone gathers at night for music sessions. I have my vision of the setting overlooking the water.

  • Stacy S Tanner

    I love reading all of the Gansett Island books . I love reading about all the family togetherness. Also liked that Linda just took Big Mac daughter in to the family without batting a eye just waiting for her story.

  • Elizabeth Breese

    I think the fact that Janie caught David cheating and that led both of them to where they really needed to be. The fact that the resolution also involved forgiveness and redemption (him delivery her baby) brought the story full circle.

  • Janet Wellman Tarnosky Merritt

    I answered on the Facebook page but will reiterate that I think my favorite couple is Mac and Maddie! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the couples and their stories; Tiffany’s exploits were always good for a chuckle. Mac and Maddie are just so great together. Their love story was a great read and a wonderful pathway onto Gansett Island and all that it offers!

  • Samantha Roseberry

    My favorite parts have to be anything with Evan and Grace. Also when Adam and Abby got tattoos together; that was hilarious. And when Jenny opened up to Alex about Toby. As for Love After Dark, I am really looking foward to seeing who Paul is matched with and also hoping we get an Evan and Grace wedding.

  • shajira martinez

    Favorite moments was when Joe dropped everything to help Janie after she found David cheating. Showed his love for her and despite it being difficult watching her with someone else, all that time he was always willing to help her. As for what I’m looking forward to definitely Evan’s wedding hopefully.

  • Brenda MacLeod

    I loved them all. But Maddie and Mac are my favorite story. The beginning.

  • Sandra Sparkes

    Shamus not being afraid to state his love..and the fun of winning her over…

  • Shannon Robinson Irwin

    I really liked tiffany when she was on the street trying to get people to visit her store

  • Emily Baucom

    My favorite is Mac and Maddie’s first meeting. I love that book so much, I have read it more than 10 times now.

  • Phuong Richardson

    Mac and Maddie’s story. The funniest part was when Mac ask Janey to go buy condoms for him and her beating him up with the bag when they met to do the “exchange”.

  • Donna Costa

    My favorite moment comes from my favorite couple. Blaine’s proposal to Tiffany, all his planning in record time, and their wedding are the tops for me. Love them, love their chemistry, and love their banter. I’m most looking forward to (my second favorite couple) Alex and Jenny’s wedding. I know Mr. Irreverent himself will have some great quotes when they get married. I also can’t wait to see Seamus and Carolina take on the roles of parents.

    • Maybe they will throw tomatoes instead of rice at the wedding! 🙂

  • Cynthia Gallaher

    I love when Blaine caught Tiffany naked. I was laughing so hard, that Up think I was embarrassed more than she was. Love their chemistry.

  • Patricia Sturwold

    Seamus and Carolina’s story is my favorite – where love comes to pass regardless of how she thought it wasn’t right.

  • Amber Goodwin

    So many great moments to choose from!! My favorite is the beginning with Mac and Maddie! Love how they meet! Looking forward to reading about Paul’s love 🙂

  • Cathy

    I loved how Mac persisted with Maddie and broke down her wall. I also loved how Joe got Janey to see him as somebody who had loved her forever.

  • Christy Brown

    My favorite couple is Laura and Owen! My favorite moment is when Owen decides to stay on the island and I love how he is with Holden! I’m looking forward to more of their story in LOVE AFTER DARK. I also can’t wait to see who Paul falls for!

  • Jan Blake

    Maddie and Mac when they first met and Maddie hit him on her bike

  • Jessica Cotter

    I love love love all the Gansett Island books! Well actually, I love love love everything that you have written! My favorite part in the Gansett series if I have to pick just one is Jenny finding love again with Alex.

  • Cindy

    When Even ask Grace what drug she gave him to make him fall in love with her. And then ask her to fix it.

  • Anita Fusco

    How do you pick the best moment when there are so many? You laugh, cry and laugh again. I do love Mack and Maddie the best. His love for her is overwhelming, he hurts when she hurts. When they lost the baby I shed many tears. Look forward to maybe some day they will get pregnant again. Thomas finding them making love was very funny. I’m looking forward to Paul’s story next. Also the weddings and all the babies that will be born. (My name next week at Readers Weekend will be MADDIE!)

  • Robin Johnson

    When Mac meets Maddie and how he’s always loved Thomas as if he were his own. Every book has favorite memories. How can you pick just one??

  • Netta Felling

    I love the entire series!!! It’s difficult to pick just one moment as my favorite, but it all starts from the beginning with Maddie and Max. How I love their meeting with him walking into her bike path causing her to wreck the bike, and sustain some minor injuries in which Max just insisted on helping her with. The series has grown so much from that point, but I still love reading about Maddie and Max’s characters.

  • Melissa Hanson

    I love Mac and Maddie. And Big Mac and Linda. Can’t wait to learn more about Mallory.

  • Yvonne rahn

    I love when Mac gets condoms for janey lol

  • Gerri Ras

    Each book is special in it’s own way. I identify most with Mac and Linda because I am in their age group. Loved it when Linda did some shopping in Tiffany’s store. You go girl! Their kids feel like family. Especially love Luke and Sydney and their story. Can’t wait to go back to Gansett when the next bookcomes out.

  • Stephanie Layne

    My favorite moment is still yhe one with Thomas when he walked in on Mac and Maddie having sex. It was hilarious.

    I am lpoking forward in the new book to fibd out who is Paul’s love interest and to learn more about Mallory

  • Lois

    Love all of the group but Mac & Maddie are tops with Owen & laura close 2nd. But each storyline is great in its self.

  • Tonya Rountree

    Alex’s proposal to Jenny, hands down one of the sweetest most adorable proposals ever :).

  • Melodie Grimm Post

    My favorite is when Tiffany says momma McCarthy has been visiting her store. Its so funny to imagine the look of kids when the realize their parents are still capable of a little adventure. I can just see it because my girls would have the same reaction. Loved it! I need to go back a read the series again, but I just love any news from the Gansett Island with all my favorite characters. Love them all!

  • Melodie Grimm Post

    oops that’s supposed to be “when they” realize, mind knows what I want to say, but don’t always type it correctly 🙂

  • yvonne

    I have to agree with Lois. All the characters are fabulous but Max and Maddie hold a special place for me. You description of both of these two characters was touching and real. I am sure that your future books will be just as wonderful. thanks for sharing your talent

  • Sherry Decker

    I love it all, it’s so hard to choose! As I sit here and think I don’t know what I want to choose…I love all the couples but I was so excited when I found out Tiffany and Blaine were pregnant! I was so happy for them. Also for Luke and Syd! I also love that Shane has found someone. I am looking forward to see who Pauls new love interest is…could it be Jennys friend? Could it be Hope, the nurse for his mother? Could it be Mallory? I’m looking forward to see how all the characters are holding uo…especially Mac and Maddie after their loss and how Maddie is going to feel when she learns her sister and her best friend are both pregnant..

  • Natalie

    I loved them all, but especially loved Seamus and Carolina’s story. They found love even when it was not what they or others expected it to be like. I can’t wait to see what they will be like as parents.

  • Cara Keefer

    I love Blaine and Tiffany, David and Daisy, Adam and Abby and Alex and Jenny’s stories the most! I can’t pick one moment in any of those books over another. I am looking forward to more from all of these characters plus Evan and Grace

  • Sharon Rudolph

    My favorite part is when Joe hits David and breaks his nose. Then Mac ask Joe, did David say anything, Joe says, I think he said “HI”!!!

  • I like Sarah and Charlie’s story. I love that Charlie has been so patient with Sarah for about a year and then she tells him about her past and he stands by her. I actually love everything about the series. I also love how Big Mac and Linda are still in love after all these years and how Linda can still surprise Big Mac after her visit to Tiffany’s store. Also Seamus and Carolina’s story (It gives hope to us divorced/single women in their late 40s!)

  • Seher Syed

    Too many moments to choose from, but I am going to go with…I want to hear more about Mallory and her past. I want to know everything about her and who per love interest will be. I am also looking forward to hear more about Tiff`s pregnancy, whether the baby wlll be a boy or a girl

  • Ronda R. Brewer

    I guess i would have to say it was when Joe Punched David and when Thomas walked in on Mac and Maddie. can’t wait for Paul’s story and find out who he falls for.

  • Rosemarie N.

    Tiffany and Blaine ceiling fan moment. Love also Adam and Abby on the ferry boat.

  • Lesley Bell

    I was hooked on this series from when Max knocked Maddie off her bike and practically took over her life from that point. Really looking forward to reading Paul’s story & anymore that come after.

    • Julie Cupp

      I’m looking forward to Paul’s story, too! Thanks for sharing your favorite —you’re one of the WINNERS! Please email me at and we’ll get your address to send the Gansett Island prize pack.

  • Carol Evirs

    I love everything about Gansett Island and the McCarthys. I am also enjoy your Fatal Series

  • Angie Carter

    My favorite part in the book begins with the first book, Made for Love. It starts out with Maddie ruahing around to get to work and Mac runs into her. She is snarky with him all while she is in pain and that is just to cute. Not to mention it starts this whole series of awesome love that makes you think there is someone out there for me!

  • Denise

    I have to say Maddie & Macks meeting was my favorite. I love Mac & Linda too. The entire series is one of my all time favorite by any author I have read. They are so meaningful and the characters are so wonderful. I just love them all. Looking forward to Paul’s story.

  • Some of my favorite moments are the ones with Owen and Laura when she’s dealing with morning sickness. I love them as a couple!

  • Tammy Pigmon Elliott

    Although I love the entire series, I think Mac and Maddie will always be my favorite. I love how they met (bike accident) and just loved that whole story.

  • Trish

    Like so many others … I love the entire Gansett Island family. Each and every story has you laughing, crying and laughing again. Mac and Maddie started it all and I love them but I have to say Janey and Joe are special too … Joe and Janey are right there with Mac and Maddie … Joe is my kind of guy.I picture him sorta rough and rugged and extremely handsome and Janey … the love she has for her pets is so heart warming. Can’t wait to fall in love with the next two of Gansett Island.

  • Jackie Wright

    I love this Series so much and choosing just one is hard but I guess it has to be the start when Mac knocked Maddie of her bike and then how he cared for her

  • Melissa Carol DeBerry

    I loved it in Tiffany and Blaine’s book, when they are at the marina waiting to hear word on whether the boys are safe and Ashley asks Blaine to pick her up and she falls asleep on his shoulder. He loves the strawberry smell in her hair and loves that little girl!

  • nika skwirba

    I love when janey finally realizes shes always liked joe but now loves him loves him. I am most looking forward to see where jenny and alexs relationship goes moving forward

  • Jamie

    Mac meeting Maddie, Evan rescuing Grace, Tiffany opening her store and driving Blaine nuts. Its too hard to pick, love them all.

  • Sarah Kirby Parker

    I love all the books because each is special. I do love Mac and Maddie and how they met, but I love how Jenny found love again. I’ve know several people who have lost loved ones due to 911 or the war after. It very hard to go through that loss and it just a very hopeful story full of second chances, but still remembering the past. Thank you for share all your wonderfully amazing stories with us! I look forward to anything that happened next!

  • Sharon Wild Kingsbury

    It’s hard to pick just one moment but I really enjoyed the story between Shane McCarthy & Katie Lawry

  • Farmer_Girl

    I’ll say it again. Many of us have closed down Facebook and Twitter accounts d/t privacy concerns. The only thing that happens when authors use Facebook to hold promotion giveaways is you alienate readers (that’s book buyers) because they can’t enter the promotions.

  • Anna Anderson

    Bike wreck from the first book.

  • Zoya

    Seamus and Carolina!

  • Candy Levy

    My favorite so far is how Mac doesn’t give a “hoot” about what his Mom or anyone else, for that matter, thinks about Maddie and their relationship. You gotta love a guy for that!

  • Therese Smith

    When Jenny pelted Alex with tomatoes…and their incredible chemistry afterward!

  • Liz H.

    Oh I love this series, choosing one moment is so hard. Off the top of my head my favorite scene is when David saves Janey during her pregnancy – it such an emotional and heart-wrenching scene.

  • Julie C

    My favorite moment from the series is when Maddie meets Mac.

  • Jeane abbas

    I still love the first time Alex and Jenny mix it up in the mud room!! It was like a daydream come true!

  • Dollie ‘Clayburn’ Staley

    I love the whole series! 🙂

  • April Ulrich

    Two of my favorites were when David is needed to deliver both Maddie’s baby and Janey’s baby with all of the history between the families. It was hard to decide, because Marie does such a great job with her characters.

  • Nadine Lebel Villafranca

    my favorite was when Janey forced Mac to get her condoms and was requesting a specific size…too funny

  • Barbara Saxe Bogert

    I loved when Big Mac and Linda “reconnected” after his near death experience in the water. Also love Ned in all of them, he’s such a trip! I’m hoping to see who has babies and to see how all of the newlyweds are getting along! LOVE THE McCARTHYS!

  • Kerri Brown

    I love all the books, my favourite parts have to be Mac and Maddie crossing paths for the first time and the way Mac loves Thomas as his own from the start. Then there was Tiffany throwing the tomato’s at Blaine for a her early wake u call and all the atics and fun the islanders have because of her shop. I love this series and can’t wait for the next book to be released.

  • Judy Briley Sklavos

    Might have already posted this. Not sure how this works, don’t see a post.
    Anyway my favorite part is when Stephanie and Laura are getting Grace ready for a date with Evan. And one says if you have a important event, you have to shave your legs and if there’s a chance you might have sex, then you have to shave……. and she looks down and Grace Says ew, really, all of it. Good stuff is this conversation.
    Judy Briley Sklavos

  • Deanna Lessenden

    It would have to be the love and friendships that everyone shares throughout this series. It makes you feel like you are apart of this wonderful family on Gansett Island and you can’t wait to see who falls in love next.

  • Shelley Youngblood

    One of my favorite moments is Blaine and Tiffany when he first finds out about her divorce. I also Love Jenny and Alex when they first met. I love that she threw tomatoes! I am looking forward to seeing if Caro and Seamus will be guardians for their neighbors. I also want to see more about Mallory.

  • Casey Cloud

    Favorite Gansett moment? Ugh there are so many! I love every moment of Grant and Stephanie…but I think my favorite was them waking up after Joe and Janey’s wedding. 🙂 I am looking forward to more glimpses of them in the future!

  • Melissa Reece

    I have SOOOO many favorite moments from each book! One of my FAVORITES and FUNNIEST moments is when Mac asks Janey to buy him condoms. LOL!!!! The part where he is asking her… “Pay me later. I can’t look at you right now. Meet me behind The Beachcomber and do not look at me. Just take the bag, give me the money and walk away.” “I love you Janey. Have I mentioned that lately?” “Screw you.” Holding back laughter he said, “Get extra large ones, okay?” “I hate you.” Then a little later when Janey gives him the bag she mentions getting a brain scrub. LOL!!!!! I bust out laughing every time I read it. That sounds so much like what I would say if my brother asked me to buy him condoms.

  • Tonya Jo Hoppe

    I love all the books in the series but I have to say Mac and Maddie are my favorite. How a chance encounter led them to true love. That’s what fairy tales are made of and lead to to believe in one day running into the man of my dreams. Someone is as kind, caring, loving, and as good looking as Mac.

  • Brenda Pickens

    When Blaine tells Tiffany to call her the second her divorce is final. Loved when Blaine stopped by the shop for the first time or when he caught Tiffany parading on the sidewalk in one of her outfits. They are a HOT couple but also some of the funniest moments. I could go on and on about their story but won’t. Besides Big Mac and Linda Blaine & Tiffany are my next favorite couple of the series.

  • Glenda Works

    I love the whole series but I think my favorite is when Mac and Maggie meet over her bike accident. I love how he stepped up to take care of her and work at her job for her until she recovered. Is it any wonder that Mac is my favorite McCarthy.

  • nancy

    All time favorite moment is the reading of Jenny’s letter to become innkeeper. It so touched my heart. To have her find happiness again with Alex and him realize the significance of her loss was amazing.

  • Stephanie Cender Matlalcuatzi

    My favorite is when David goes from scum for what he did to Janey to reconciliation and saving Daisy in more ways than one… I was in an abusive relationship with my ex and my husband saved me in so many ways… it’s like you wrote my story…. you hit home with me on that one. I love every story, every scenario you write. You take me away and to a place I’d love to be a part of. Tha k you for what you give me!!

  • Peggy Collins

    I think my favorite Gansett Island moment is with Mack and Maddie after the miscarriage when he just pulls the SUV off the road and they finally spill all their heartache to each other and reconnect. Had to go back and read that one a couple of times.

  • Joyce McCarthy

    Loved when at Mac’s bachelor party, as Joe was leaving with Mac, Mac said rather loudly

  • Joyce McCarthy

    Favorite is when Mac and Joe were leaving Mac’s bachelor party he very loudly told Joe he was glad that he was sleeping with Janey in front of her brothers and father

  • Kimberly Cook Stocker

    I love all your books always watching out for the next one to come on all your series keep up the greet work.

  • Kimberly Cook Stocker

    I can’t decide which one I li,e best each story has it own meaning to me but I like one a new books comes out so we get to catch up on all of them. Like all the new baby’s that r to be born. Can’t wait to her what they all have.

  • Cam Piscopo Keener

    Have prizes been awarded yet? 🙂

    • We left it open until today because some people had trouble commenting. Will post winners later on. Thanks!

      • Cam Piscopo Keener

        Thank you, Marie!!!
        Cam 🙂
        Cam 🙂


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