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The Readers Are Crazy for Hayden & Addie! And…. A Giveaway!

OMG, you guys! More than 80!! five-star reviews for Hayden and Addie at Kindle​ alone! My readers are the best! Thank you for giving RAPTUROUS such an awesome welcome. So glad you’re loving Hayden in all his complicated, dominant, alpha glory! If you loved Flynn and Natalie in Virtuous, Valorous and Victorious, you’re going to swoon for Hayden and Addie in RAPTUROUS! Hollywood intrigue, secret lifestyles, and hot, sexy nights. This book has it all!

Here’s what the readers have had to say about RAPTUROUS:

“The depth and complexity of her characters in this story, held my heart from the start and did not let go.”
“The way that this book comes together with Hayden and Addie’s story is perfectly amazing. It’s like you feel like you’re watching a movie of the book instead of reading it.”
“Oh my goodness–if you’re looking for something to keep you warm as the temperatures continue to plummet, look no further!”

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You can win an amazing Quantum prize pack that includes:
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To enter the random drawing, comment on this post with your review of RAPTUROUS! A winner will be chosen on Friday. Thanks for reading! xoxo

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  • Katherine T

    Just love love love ALL your books. Can’t wait for the neXT one

  • Sharon Rudolph

    Here is my review from Amazon! Every book by Marie Force is wonderful!! I loved Hayden and Addie! They were so perfect together. I can’t wait to see what Marie has in store for us next!

  • Laura Barton

    This review is from: Rapturous (Quantum Series Book 4) (Kindle Edition)

    Hayden and Addie had me up all night to finish their story. Hot, sexy and touching they are all of these and more. Addison we have come to love in Flynn and Natalie’s story. Hayden not so much. But in the telling of their relationship you see Hayden through Addies eyes and fall in love with your next book boyfriend!! Totally worth the late night. I laughed, cried, cheered and fell in love. You will too. A great stand alone read but you will hook you on this series for sure.
    Loved loved loved it! Heres my Amazon review!!

  • Jamie

    I think Marie Force’s books are a part of my new diet plan. Because I CAN NOT put them down to even think about food:) Especially the Quantum Series. Addie is Hayden’s perfect other half and vice versa. He takes her to places (in the bedroom) she never knew existed. And Addie is the only one who can break down Hayden’s walls. She will have to go to new heights to understand his BDSM lifestyle. Rapturous is a 5 star deliciously erotic book. You will not be disappointed when you buy this!! Way to go Marie!! Can’t wait for more!!

  • Sharon Wild Kingsbury

    RAPTUROUS is HOT!!!! I need a fan 🙂

  • Shanna Pyzer

    Love Love Love!!!!! My heart was taken on a roller coaster ride for Addie and Hayden! Hayden is HOT and I love Addie.. obviously, she is amazing!!!!!
    Please keep this series going!!!!! More Flynn, more Hayden and I can’t wait for more of the others too!!!!!!

  • Dianne Hart

    Marie, you outdid yourself again as usual. Absolutely love Rapturous!!! Hayden stole my heart when his emotions surfaced and he teared up. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for Leah and Emmet [ hint hint 😉 ]

  • Meghan

    I eagerly waited for Hayden and Addie’s story — and I was not disappointed. Marie Force always delivers! I love how we got a preview of them in the first 3 books and really got to know them in this book. I rooted for them the whole way. What a great story and I can’t wait for the chance to read about the others!

  • Teresa Bantz

    Bought and down loaded- will read this weekend. Already know it will be 5 star, as with all Marie’s books 🙂

  • Kymmie Rose

    Rapturous…all I can say is wow! I love you books!

  • Kelly Carpenter

    Customer Review

    MUST READ! Awesome series!, January 21, 2016

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Rapturous (Quantum Series Book 4) (Kindle Edition)
    O!M!G!!!!!!!!!! Totally love this book. I couldn’t wait for it to come out and now I am sad it’s over. Hayden and Addie are perfect for each other. As much as I am happy they end up happy, I like that she was willing to walk away until he was ready to give her everything.
    After reading the teaser for Ellie and Jasper’s story I CANNOT WAIT until it comes out!!!!!!!!
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  • Molly Sturgeon Lyon
  • Kathleen Bylsma

    Haven’t read it yet but so pleased for you! Not at all surprised though! Good on ya, kiddo!

  • Kim Rothenbuhler

    I wanted to not like Hayden but ended up LOVING him! Bravo Marie! You weave an AWESOME tale!!!

  • Robin Cardenas

    Loved Hayden & Addie’s story, and their journey. Seriously hot!

  • Karina Felizardo

    Sexy, steamy, graphic, but tastefully written! Kudos Marie! Love Hayden and Adie!

  • Misty Roy

    Absolutely breathtaking! You cannot put this book down!

  • Jackie Wright

    5.0 out of 5 stars Meet my new book boyfriend Hayden !!!, January 19, 2016
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    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Rapturous (Quantum Series Book 4) (Kindle Edition)
    5 Star Review
    I love this series and as each book is released I think it can’t get any better but it just does !!!!
    This is the fourth book in M.S. Force’s adult Quantum erotic BDSM romance series and this is Hayden and Addie’s story.
    Addie has had feelings for Hayden since she first met him when she came to work for his best friend Flynn. The feelings she has seem very one sided until Oscar night……
    Hayden has kept his feelings regarding Addie to himself, after all he would never be good enough for her so what possessed him to kiss her after collecting his Oscar. Was this a mistake he will regret or will these two get through the problems that only Hayden can see…..
    This book has it all, some really hot sex that is erotic yet intimate, a lot of mixed emotions that had me at times wanting to slap Hayden , romance and friendship.
    Past characters are present in this book as are new ones like Devon Black owner of the BDSM Club Black Vice, I do feel that you could read this as a standalone although reading the previous books will give you an insight to the co workers at Quantum.
    This is a series I will read and read again and even though I have just read the last page of Rapturous I’m so looking forward to Jasper and Ellie’s story in Ravenous.
    M.S. Force has given us yet another 5 star read
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  • Nancy Haull Freige Sasser

    My review is that I just got the book for my Kindle but haven’t had a chance to start it yet. 🙁 I can hardly wait after reading all the wonderful reviews! Your books are amazing Ms. Force! I know what I will be doing this weekend.

  • Missie Saxon Wiggins

    Once again, Marie has knocked it out of the park! Loved Hayden and Addie’s story. Can’t wait to see what’s next

    • Holly Sullivan

      Missie Saxon Wiggins, Congratulations! You’ve won the Quantum Prize Pack. Please send your mailing address to and I will ship it to you!
      Thank you!

      • Missie Saxon Wiggins

        woohoo!! Super excited to have won the prize pack.

  • Doreen Frederick

    Loved Hayden and Addie’s story. My daughter-in-law got me hooked on Marie Force. We frequently discuss all her books and eagerly await all new releases. Keep them coming!!

  • Mairim Santos

    5 STARS! Amazing love story, full of passion, humor, & some tears. I enjoy that the Quantum Group is still integrated throughout the story. I’m in love with this series! M.S. Force, you are an awesome author & I can’t wait for Ravenous #5.

  • Chrissy Beaty


  • Chrissy Beaty

    Magnificent, Marie!!

  • Donna Costa

    Oh Hayden! Confused, Conflicted Hayden., January 19, 2016

    This review is from: Rapturous (Quantum Series Book 4) (Kindle Edition)
    I love that Addie turned Hayden’s head and turned his world upside down. Hayden worked hard to maintain tight control of all aspects of his life, especially in the bedroom. He thought he had nothing to offer Addie so he hid his feelings, until Oscar night when he impulsively kissed her. That was all it took for Addie to decide she’d had enough, and she set her plan for seduction in place. Hayden had no idea what he was up against once Addie decided to make him hers. He may be the dominant in the bedroom, but he was no match for Addie’s determination.
    Rapturous was a wonderful page turner. I couldn’t put it down.

  • Megan Myers

    Oh I am loving Hayden and Addie’s story and I’m about halfway done. Their story is amazing and I feel like I’m inside both their heads as I’m reading. Addie is so funny as she tries to seduce Hayden. Definitely a page turner and I find it hard to put down!

  • mags
  • Traci

    I love this series. This book is amazing but all of Marie’s books are amazing.

  • Trish Scotto Horgan

    Can’t wait to read it!!!

  • Lois

    Great read, want toys LOL

  • Kim Hughes

    Of course I knew it before I even began the book that I would love Addison and Hayden’s story. I have read every book written by Marie Force and am always blown away by the fact she is able to out do herself. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  • Patricia Marshall

    Another triumph for Marie and her team. Got this book at 3 minutes past midnight on release day and could not put it down. Bring on the next book.

  • Charlotte Ellaby

    I’m not gonna lie I haven’t had chance to read this book yet in fact i have barely started the series. started book one then well life happened and i haven’t had chance to finish it but every time a new book comes out the reviews are amazing and I really can’t wait to get stuck back into my books. I’m sure they will all be amazing since every Marie Force book I have read I have loved and gotten completely lost and caught up in can’t wait to meet some new people and make some new friends even if they are only in my head lol

  • Jeanne Canaan Schwarz

    (Not-so-) patiently waiting for my next day off so I can get started on this book!

  • Anita Fusco

    A beautiful ‘HOT’ love story . Marie’s words come together like a song. They make you laugh and shed some tears. Hayden and Addie are such great characters. She is so feisty I love her. Hayden’s touching story of his life comes together with so much compassion and love. With so many friends around them no doubt they would make it. And your tease “Ravenous” hope we don’t have to wait to long. Thanks again for not disappointing us readers. Love You.

  • Debbie Palcic Thoele

    My review:
    I loved this book!! I love all of your books! Reading Hayden and Addie’s story put me in a dream world I never wanted to wake up from. I felt I was in the book with them. If you want to read a sweet, sexy, erotic, and funny book, this is the book. You will love Marie Force and you will be hooked for life. Thanks you Marie Force for giving me a little taste of heaven every time I read your books, you’re the best!!

  • Seale Brown

    HOT.. Addie finally gets her chance in life! Another HIT Marie!!!!!!

  • Carol Luciano

    Well I can only say that I’m going to read it as soon as I get it.Haven’t had the chance yet. Based on all the reviews it sounds like a real winner.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • Holly Sullivan

    Missie Saxon Wiggins, Congratulations! You’ve won the Quantum Prize Pack. Please send your mailing address to and I will ship it to you!


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