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Can’t Buy Me Love, Patrick and Mary’s Butler, Vermont story is out on FRIDAY! Since All You Need Is Love debuted in 2014, readers have wanted to know more about Cameron’s billionaire dad, who tragically lost his wife after she gave birth to Cam. Patrick has never really recovered from that awful tragedy, and if anyone deserves to find a new love, it’s HIM! And what a new love I have for him! Remember when he met Mary, the Green Mountain Country Store office manager, when he arrived in Butler for Cameron and Will’s wedding? I don’t know about you, but I’ve wanted to know what went on between the two of them after they met. Well, now the wait is OVER! On Friday, you’ll find out everything that’s happened since Cam’s wedding (and a LOT has happened)! What will Cameron think of her dad’s new romance with Mary, a woman she once told her father to keep his hands “and everything else” far away from? How will Mary and Patrick reconcile two very different lives in two very different places? And will Fred show up to help things along? Find out on FRIDAY!
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Denise from Shh Mom’s Reading Blog said, “Patrick is pure romance and Ms. Marie Force at her finest!”

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And here’s another little excerpt from Can’t Buy Me Love:
Later that night, they sat in front of the fire playing a competitive game of checkers that she was winning, but not by much. 
“Are you sure you’re not cheating?” he asked as he refilled both their glasses with Chardonnay. The firelight cast her in a warm glow that only made her more attractive to him. Her cheeks bore the slightest flush from the heat of the fire and the wine. Patrick remembered that wine had made her cheeks rosy at Will and Cameron’s wedding. He remembered every minute he’d spent with her, and that alone made her different from any other woman he’d spent time with since he’d lost his wife.
“I do not cheat,” she said indignantly—and adorably. “You’re just mad because you win at every game you play, which makes you a sore loser when things don’t go your way.”
“That’s very true,” he replied bluntly, making her laugh. “I don’t like to lose.”
“I would imagine you have very little experience with losing.”
“I have some.” His brows furrowed as he examined the board, delight unfurling inside him when he saw the chance to win—and win big. “And I’m very sorry to say that I’m not going to add to my loser résumé tonight.” With his one king, he performed a triple jump that basically wiped out her remaining checkers. 
Stunned, she stared at the board where she’d been thoroughly decimated. “You did not just do that.”
“I’m afraid it had to be done.”
“That was not nice.”
“No, it wasn’t. But all’s fair in love and checkers.”
“Of course I knew you had this ruthless side to you. You don’t get to where you are without being ruthless, but that… That was just…”
“Brilliant?” He loved to goad her and to watch her expressive face as she formulated what was certain to be a witty reply.
“Evil is the word I would use.”
“I’m very sorry.”
“No, you’re not! And P.S., I quit.”
He raised an eyebrow. “You want to play Monopoly instead?”
“Absolutely not. I can’t even imagine how good at that you must be.”
He flashed a smug grin. “I’ve never lost a game of Monopoly.”
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