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I’m getting lots and lots of emails about what I’m working on, when the next Gansett book is coming, when the new Vermont series will debut with Grayson and Emma’s story and when the next Quantum book will be out. You have questions, and I have answers. Here’s the latest and greatest:

Q: When can we expect Mallory’s Gansett Island story Light After Dark?GansettIsland_logo_update_1

A: I am working on her book now. If all goes well in October, you MAY see it by the end of November, but I can’t promise that yet. You know me, I like to under promise and over deliver. I don’t like to disappoint my readers, so I don’t give firm estimates until I am SURE I can honor them.

butlerpms3435 Q: What’s up with the Green Mountain Series and when can we expect Every Little Thing?

A: As I’ve mentioned, I’m no longer working with the publisher of the Green Mountain Series. I will be taking the series indie with a new series name—the Butler Vermont Series—and a new book 1, Every Little Thing. EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING you love about the GM series will carry over into the new series, which will pick up right where Ain’t She Sweet left off. Same Fred the Moose, same Elmer and Lincoln, same store, same characters and MUCH more to come. I don’t yet have a release date for Every Little Thing, but I am working on it and if all goes well, it could be out before the end of the year, but again, no promises until I’m SURE I can deliver. I’m really looking forward to diving in deep to Grayson and Emma’s sweet story that will feature her adorable daughter, Simone, as well as more from Emma’s sister, Lucy, and her fiancé, Colton Abbott. After Every Little Thing, readers can look forward to Wade Abbott’s long-awaited story. Stay tuned for more from Butler!

Q: What’s up next with Quantum?Print

A: Book Six, Delirious, will feature hotshot Hollywood producer Kristian Bowman and single mom/cancer survivor Aileen Gifford. The sparks have been flying between these two unlikely lovers for quite some time, and when Aileen and her kids relocate from New York to Los Angeles things start to get very, very real. I’m so looking forward to writing this one, as well as the book after that, which will feature Marlowe Sloane. Readers are asking about Emmett and Leah, another potential couple in the making as well as Sebastian, Gordan and Devon Black, all of whom have piqued your interest for more. Here’s the deal—I love writing Quantum and hope to keep it going for a good long time, but the sales have been less than what I’d like to see. Over the next few months, I’ll be promoting it hard and hoping to see it really take off with Delirious, which will be out in 2017. I’ll be going in yet another new direction with the cover of Delirious and continuing to try to find the sweet spot for this series (pun intended). Hopefully, we will get there and see lots more from our favorite Hollywood team. I’ll keep you posted!

Q: What are Sam and Nick up to these days?

A: I am finishing up book 11, Fatal Threat, this week. I’ve seen the cover for that one, and I love it. I hope we can reveal it soon. I’m hearing a mid-2017 release date for Threat, but I don’t know anything for sure yet. My editor has signed off on the proposals for Fatal Chaos and Fatal Invasion, so more to come after Fatal Threat.

Q: Please oh please, tell us there’s more to come in the Treading Water series?!treading-water

A: There’s more to come in the Treading Water Series. You lovely readers have worn me down, and I do hope to write Maggie’s story in 2017. You’re hearing it here first. I don’t know anything yet other than I’m going to put that book on the writing schedule. As soon as there’s more to tell, you’ll be the first to know! There. Happy now? Hahah!

Q: Will you write more standalone novels after Sex Machine?

A: Absolutely! I have another one started that is not at all related to Sex Machine that I plan to title Sex God. Are you seeing the pattern? These books will NOT be a series, but will be tied together through their titles. Sex God is about a Miami neurosurgeon in need of a reputation overhaul and the earnest PR executive assigned to “fix” him. The opening of this book is one of my favorites ever—I wrote it years ago and never finished it. I hope to finish it in 2017.

Q: What else is in the works? A: Another big new standalone book, in the tradition of Treading Water. It’s what I like to call a “dilemma” book, and I’m SUPER DUPER excited about it. That’s all I can say for now, but if there’s more to say later, you know I’ll tell you when I can. 🙂 

Here’s a question for you: what are you most excited about after reading my answers? Here’s another one for you: Are you excited to read Sex Machine next week? Have you heard about the big giveaway for Sex Machine? Oh wait, that’s two more questions. Here’s the lowdown on the giveaway for SM: purse-1

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Lynn Papso - September 21, 2016

Since my favorite of your series is Treading Water, I have to say I am most excited about Maggie’s story. With that said, you have certainly given us a great reason to go on in the coming months. Thanks for the preview of coming attractions and for all your hard work. BTW, I plan to win that release week contest, so fair warning. Haha. Seriously, good luck everyone.

Mary Smith - September 21, 2016

I am looking forward to the new Treading Water about Maggie but also the new Butler Vermont series.

Jane O'Brien - September 21, 2016

Treading, Gansett, Fatal. Green Mountain? Haven’t read book 4 in quantam yet, so not to excited about that series at all.

Marialba Martinez - September 21, 2016

I let the Quantum series pass me by because 1) I couldn’t believe the same author who writes the Gansett series could do this kind of adult stories well enough (I worship you thru Gansett, the Fatal series, the Green Mountain series, and I even read the first book of the Threading Waters series but was so traumatized with the story I haven’t been able to pick up any other books; but adult stories, never!) 2) it was a series which I normally don’t enjoy-you know, with cliffhangers.
Well, the 3-book sale for Quantum came up and it was too good to pass up! And I figured in three books there would be resolution. Well, they are GREAT! I’m hooked! I already bought four and just found out five is out so…I’m set for a couple of days!
So…you MUST finish the series! I promise I’m going back to review the books on Amazon. I’ll write them for each book! But please! continue Quantum!

    Marie Force - October 1, 2016

    Thank you! Glad you took a whirl with Quantum and I hope you’ll finish Treading Water. The first one is the most traumatic. LOL

Chrissy Beaty - September 21, 2016

I’m totally stoked about all your upcoming books.. Every series & stand alone are FANTASTIC!! I’m definetly looking forward to Maggie’s story & catching up with all of those characters!! Also can’t wait for Aileen & Kristian’s story as well of all the Quantum principles.. hoping this series continues to pick up momentum & becomes just as popular of the rest of your series!! Oh, and can I just say, I am so freaking excited about your give away for Sex Machine.. what a great opportunity!! I have been anxiously awaiting this book!!

    Marie Force - October 1, 2016

    Thank you Chrissy! Glad you’re excited for more and stoked about the giveaway for SM!

Patricia Marshall Brow - September 21, 2016

I have been wondering if Skip Holland’s first name is really Skip or a nickname? We’ve had a family friend who went by Skip but his given name was John.

    Marie Force - October 1, 2016

    I honestly don’t know…. LOL! it’s probably a nickname, but I don’t know what his real name is. I know that probably sounds funny to you, but that’s the truth.

Debbie McDaniel - September 22, 2016

Just tell us what we need to do to up the sales of the Quantum series. If I need to buy more than one copy of the books, just tell us. Love, love, love them.

    Marie Force - October 1, 2016

    Quantum has actually started to pick up a bit, so there may be hope!

Cyn-bad - October 1, 2016

Okay, totally random, but aren’t the models on the cover of Barbara Freethy’s book “On a Night Like This” the same as on the cover of “Desire After Dark”? They even seem to be wearing the same clothes!

    Marie Force - October 1, 2016

    It happens. We’re all drawing from the same pool of available images for our covers. I’d focus on the name on the cover rather than the image. 🙂


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