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ItsOnlyLove200-200x310Back home again after a wonderful five days in Toronto. More on that in a minute. First up I want to mention that I’m giving away advance reader copies and some of my author copies of It’s Only Love, Gavin and Ella’s story, in the Green Mountain Reader Group this week. You first got to know Gavin in book 2, I Want to Hold Your Hand, when Hannah, his brother’s widow, found new love with an old friend. Gavin struggled with Hannah and Nolan’s romance. Not because he doesn’t love them both—he does, very much so. But seeing the love of his late brother’s life falling for someone else sent Gavin into a downward spiral that was exacerbated by the death of his brother beloved dog Homer. It was all too much for poor Gavin, who’d been trucking along rather well seven years after losing his closest friend and only sibling. And who was there to cushion his fall? Ella Abbott, who has loved Gavin for as long as she can remember. Gavin has kept Ella at arm’s length, not because he doesn’t return her feelings. That’s not it at all. It’s more that he’s afraid to drag Ella into the darkness and grief that has gripped him. But what might happen if Gavin decides to let Ella IN rather than push her away?
In case you can’t already tell, I LOVE THIS BOOK! I think it might be my favorite of the Green Mountain books so far. There’s something extra special about Gavin and his broken heart that really got to me. And the way Ella remains steadfast in her commitment to him…. Ahhh, true love. You’re going to want to devour this one during release week, not just because I know you’ll LOVE Gavin and Ella, but because it’s the third and final chance to READ TO WIN a trip for two to my 2016 Reader Weekend. Find out more about READ TO WIN at The contest will be open from release day, November 3, to Saturday November 7 at midnight EDT. It’s a release week contest so you’ll want to make sure you read during the five days the contest runs to take the short 20-question quiz on the content of the book that will enter you to win the trip and other great prizes.
If you haven’t yet preordered It’s Only Love, you can get it here:

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It’s Only Love will also be available in print and audio on November 3.
signingNow, about Toronto… What a fantastic time Julie and I had with my new team at HQN, which will be publishing the Fatal Series going forward. It was so great to actually sign the new contract in the office, with my agent Kevan looking on, and to spend the day brainstorming about ideas and plans for the next phase of the series. Way back when I was the only one committed to Sam and Nick’s story, I couldn’t have imagined a day like the one I had on Monday—when the Harlequin headquarters office was decorated in Fatal Series covers—or all of the great support I’ve gotten from Harlequin, Carina Press and now HQN for the series since it was first acquired in 2010. Sam and Nick are excited about the future, as am I. While in Toronto I also attended the lovely party hosted by the folks at Kobo Writing Life, which is one the platforms I use to self-publish many of my books, including the Gansett, Quantum and Treading Water series. We had about 60 readers come to say hello in addition to many of the team members from KWL. I did a Q&A with KWL’s Mark Lefebvre that will be posted to the KWL website in the next few days. I’ll post a link when it’s live.
Today I’m back home and back to work on Celebration After Dark, Gansett Island Book 14, due out Dec. 1, and Rapturous, Quantum Book 4, due out Jan. 19. Looking forward to spending the next couple of months entrenched with the McCarthys, where I’m really enjoying Big Mac and Linda’s look back in time, and the Quantum group as I write Hayden and Addie’s story.
And we’re keeping an eye on Hurricane Joaquin in the Northeast….
Have a great day and a fantastic weekend—and don’t forget to get over to the Green Mountain Reader Group to enter to win one of the early copies of It’s Only Love!

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