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I want to thank you all so much for all the great comments on my Five Year blog the other day. It was so fun to celebrate my self-publishing anniversary with readers and to look back on the early days of my career. I read every one of your comments, and I loved them all. Sometimes I still can’t believe the last five years actually happened to me. I keep expecting to wake up from this dream I’ve been having in which I finally have the career I’d always hoped for and have readers clamoring for more of my books. Thank you to everyone who makes that dream come true on a daily basis. The winners of the five signed copies of True North were: Patt Mondik, Betty Jo English, Susan Ellen Ronan Gourley, Penny Foster and Becky King. If you haven’t yet, send your mailing address to Holly at to claim your book. 
CelebrationAfterDark5001I received a tweet the other day from a reader who said she’d never seen an older couple on the cover of a romance novel before, and she said she loves the cover of Celebration After Dark, which features Big Mac and Linda McCarthy. I have to be honest and tell you that when I put “current day” Big Mac and Linda on the cover of Celebration, I didn’t really think I was doing anything all that different. But apparently that’s not the case, because since I received that tweet, others have said the same thing. I guess it’s true—we don’t often see “older” couples on the cover of romance novels. We go for young, sexy, beautiful people because that’s what sells books. Even knowing that, it never occurred to me to put young Big Mac and Linda on the cover because that’s not how I see them. I see them at the ages they are now—59 and 60—and I love that the cover accurately reflects those ages with an attractive older couple standing in for the McCarthys. In short—it works for me. I hope the readers agree. 
I had a lot of fun writing their story and looking back to the day they met at a party at his brother Frank’s house in Providence. It’s 1975, the long war in Vietnam is finally over, and Big Mac—who was just “Mac” until his son was born—takes one look at Linda Rudolph, and he is a goner. As Mac pursues Linda, we get an idea of where his boys come by their considerable charm. We get to see a little of Frank’s late wife Joann as well as the earliest days at the marina, which was a ramshackle group of buildings when Mac bought it. You’ll also get a visit with Mac’s new friend Ned Saunders. In addition to a look back at how Big Mac and Linda came to be, we’ll catch up with each of their five children, all of whom have updates to their ongoing stories in Celebration After Dark. In the back of Celebration After Dark, we’ll unveil the cover for Desire After Dark, Slim and Erin’s story, which will be coming in 2016. 
It’s December on Gansett Island—the first time I’ve written winter on the island—and I hope you’ll join me to celebrate Big Mac and Linda’s 40th anniversary! This 40,000-word novella will be available in ebook, print and audio on December 1. I’ve included preorder information below, and I’d love to hear what you think about having a more “mature” couple on the cover. 
In other behind-the-scenes news, I’m excited to report that next week in Toronto, the team at Harlequin will be shooting FOURTEEN new covers for the Fatal Series, featuring Sam and Nick models. I’m so excited to see my vision for the covers unfolding in this amazing photoshoot for new covers that will tell Sam and Nick’s story on the covers of the books. While I love the second generation covers that Harlequin did last year for the series, I missed Sam and Nick on them, and we’ve decided to bring them back in a BIG way! The team at Harlequin and HQN has been hard at work on the details for weeks now, and we’re super excited to see the results of next week’s shoot. I’ll be talking more about the thoughts behind this new direction for the covers in the weeks to come before we unveil the new covers. I can’t wait to see the final results!
RapturousCoverFinal500I get asked a lot—what’re you working on now? Here’s an update… I expect to finish Rapturous, Book 4 in the Quantum Series, in the next week or so. This book tells the story of Hayden and Addie, who were reader favorites in the initial trilogy that released earlier this year. Rapturous will be out on Jan. 19, and I’ve included the preorder info below. I’m also working on the copy edits for Ain’t She Sweet, Green Mountain Book 6, that will out in April. As soon as I finish Rapturous (and hopefully after a day or two off), I’ll be diving into Fatal Identity, Fatal Series Book 10, which is due January 31. Fatal Identity will be the first Fatal book to be released simultaneously in ebook, print and audio next summer. Many of you may not realize that the Fatal Series began in 2010 as a “digital only” series—meaning ebook only—so it’s exciting to see it reach this long-awaited milestone of simultaneous release in all formats in 2016. I know many of you are wondering when Scandal and Frenzy will be available in print. I hope to have those release dates for you very soon as well as preorder information for Fatal Identity. I’m super excited to get back to Sam and Nick in the next few weeks. I miss them between books!
One other thing before I forget—if you haven’t yet read Virtuous, Book 1 in the Quantum Series, it’s currently on sale for FREE this month only. It’ll be gone soon, so get it while it’s free! See below for links. 
HolidayWishlistBanner-1024x405FINALLY, today is the LAST chance to sign up to receive my holiday card. If we don’t have your mailing address, please go to to sign up to receive the card. And make sure you check my store often in the next few weeks as we will be adding awesome new merchandise including flannel pajama pants for the Gansett, Fatal and Green Mountain Series, fleece blankets for the Gansett and Quantum Series, an all-new Gansett beach bag, Green Mountain fleece hats, AND a Gansett Island charm bracelet that we’re really excited about. We plan to do one for each series so you can collect them all. Make sure the special person in your life knows what you’d like to have from my store. You know you want a Fan Girl mug and signed books under the tree this year! 🙂
Hope you have a great weekend!
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