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AppImageHave you seen my awesome new App? We’re so excited about the App, which gives us a great way to keep in touch with you about new books and possible appearances in your area, among other things. The App also makes it possible to send you the EXCLUSIVE first chapter of RAPTUROUS, Book 4 of the New York Times bestselling erotic Quantum romance series.

RAPTUROUS is coming on January 19, 2016.

If you loved Flynn and Natalie’s story, you’re going to LOVE Hayden and Addie! Download the App now to read the first chapter of RAPTUROUS under the Exclusive Content tab within the App.

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RapturousCoverFinal500The story begun in the initial Quantum Trilogy picks up on Oscar night after Academy Award-winning director Hayden Roth kisses the woman he desires above all others, even though he knows she can never be his.

Addison York craves her boss’s best friend, Hayden, but he has never given her an ounce of encouragement—until tonight when he kissed her after winning the Oscar.

Was that kiss the start of something or another in a long line of frustrations where Hayden is concerned? Something is keeping him from acting on the attraction that simmers between them, and Addie is determined to find out what it is. But when she stumbles upon the secret that Hayden, Flynn and her other close friends have kept from her, will she allow hurt feelings to get in the way of true love? When Hayden won’t share his BDSM lifestyle with her, Addie decides to conduct her own research. Will she be intrigued or repulsed? And what will Hayden do when he finds out how she’s been spending her evenings?

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IT’S ONLY LOVE…. One Week From Today!

I’m so excited for Gavin and Ella’s story to hit bookstores and e-book shelves next Tuesday. You’ve heard me say before that this is my favorite of all the Green Mountain books–and I love them all, so that’s saying something. We’ve been waiting since book 2 to hear more about Gavin Guthrie, and the wait is nearly over. I LOVED writing Gavin and Ella’s story. Is there anything more powerful than a grief-stricken hero who’s on a self-destructive bent until he finally decides to allow the woman who loves him to offer comfort? Ahhh, and Ella… She may be the strongest, most determined heroine I’ve ever written. If you haven’t yet read the excerpt, I’ve made the first three chapters available on my website.

And here’s another never-before-seen sneak peak at Gavin and Ella’s hot romance:

With his hand on Ella’s back, Gavin led her out of the house. “Your place or mine?”
She could tell he was surprised to hear her say that, because they’d been spending most nights at his place thanks to her nosy landlady.
“It’s closer,” she said meaningfully.
“Hurry.” He patted her ass and sent her along to her car, which was parked behind his truck.
As Ella followed the speed limit to the letter, she could almost feel him boiling behind her. She’d felt him on slow simmer the whole time she’d been at his parents’ home, trying to be polite while she visited with Bob and Amelia when all he wanted to do was get her out of there.
It was heady stuff to be wanted that way by the man she loved. But it was also fun to play with him a little, to make him wait, to build the tension.
She pulled into her driveway with him right behind her. Before she could gather her purse and the backpack she’d taken to Burlington, he was upon her, opening her door and reaching for her seatbelt. “Gavin! Wait.”
“I’ve already waited long enough.”
“Five more minutes won’t kill you.”
“It just might. Move it.” He “helped” her out of the car and propelled her along with the force of his own desire. Her feet barely touched the ground on the way inside or as they went up the stairs as one being, his arm around her waist moving her along. Once again, she felt swept away by him, overtaken in the best possible way. The potent excitement of being back in his arms was overshadowed only by the lingering fear of how her surprise would be received.
Inside her apartment, he took the backpack from her and dropped it with a thud inside the door. Then he removed her coat, her sweater and was working on her jeans by the time she caught up to him.
“Gavin, wait, I want to talk to you—”
“After. We’ll talk after.”

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Her books have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide, have been translated into more than a dozen languages and have appeared on the New York Times bestseller more than 30 times. She is also a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller, as well as a Speigel bestseller in Germany.

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