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Emails I Send Myself in the Dark of Night

Part of my process in writing multiple series at the same time is to ALWAYS read the previous book before I sign off on the new one. I’m usually surprised by little things I forget in the months between writing one book and then the next one in a series (with other books in between). It’s the little things that make a big difference. One of the best “mistakes” I ever made was in Gansett After Dark when Linda McCarthy mentions she has TWO grandchildren when she actually has three. Readers went NUTS thinking I had “ex-communicated” the “step” grandchild, Thomas, when in fact I had forgotten all about poor P.J. Cantrell who arrived in such dramatic fashion at the end of Time for Love. Whoops! Funny how one word–two vs. three–can cause a world of trouble! Even with the re-read of the previous book, I still messed this up in Gansett After Dark. Pesky little details that set off a firestorm among readers who pay close ATTENTION! I had many of them asking me if Linda had reverted to her haggish ways from Maid for Love by saying poor Thomas isn’t really her grandchild.They thought she’d changed since then. LOL! I had to talk a lot of readers off the cliff on this one all because I used the tiny word TWO instead of the slightly bigger word THREE!

This week I’m re-reading Fatal Scandal as we work our way through the first round of edits on Fatal Frenzy. This is the email I sent myself last night: “Check on whether douchebag is one word or two in Frenzy. It’s two words in Scandal.” Sure enough, I had it as one word in Frenzy, so now it’s been fixed and my Fatal Series style sheet that records such things has been updated. We also recently added “badass” (one word vs. hyphenated) to the list. Some other funny terms on the Fatal Series style sheet include: nuts-on-the-block buzz, anal-retentive freakazoid, hotter than a billy goat with a blowtorch, ass hat, phone-shutter-offer, schmoopy and shit-eating grin. My girl Sam does have a way with words, doesn’t she? My job is to make sure her words are spelled the same in every book. These are the “challenges” authors face on a daily basis!

In other news, on Friday night we will be revealing the very special cover of Love After Dark, Book 13 in the Gansett Island Series, at my upcoming Reader Weekend. And there’s a GREAT story behind this cover that we will share on Friday, too. We will post the cover and the story behind it to my Facebook page and here on the blog, so be on the lookout for a message on Friday night. Next week, we hope to have more information about Paul’s story, as well as the tentative release date and preorder links. I’m very excited to get the next Gansett Island book out to readers, who’ve been clamoring for more! I’m having so much fun writing Paul’s book, and I hope you’ll love it.

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  • June 24, 2015
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