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Orange MoonIt was a full moon this week, which brings out all different types of reader mail. I thought I’d share the two extremes with you so you can see the kind of stuff romance authors receive. First came this:

I have read Diane Palmer, Robyn Carr, Sherrly Woods and have never read such thrash as you write. I am reading the Garett series and don’t know if I can finish as I love the area and the people but really don’t need to read phone sex & back end sex (both book 4 & 5) I am on 6 and hope I can read the rest. Those of us that follow the above would not like your writing and the stories are good leave out the trash.

Part of me wanted to write back and say, “You must have mixed me up with another author because I don’t write a series called Garett. And if you could please illuminate me as to what constitutes ‘back-end sex’ I’d love to know.” But of course I don’t give nasty people any of my time or attention, so I didn’t write back. She doesn’t deserve a response. I did have some great laughs with my author buddies over the fact that she’s on book 6 and horrified by the series. LOL! So I laugh all the way to the bank! My soon-to-be 20-year-old daughter said “back-end” sex might mean doggie-style, which made me laugh again. One because she was the one suggesting that, and two, I think she might be right. Oh the horrors of the doggie!

An hour later, I got this email:

I love to congratulate authors on great work. I discovered your books with the Quantum Series followed by Treading Water. Loved both series.

I recently completed the Gansett Island Series and COULD NOT put the books down. I read the entire series in 3 or 4 days. I can only hope the series will continue as there are so many hopeful candidates for books in the family. Between the McCarthy cousins and Owen’s family the list could go on and on and I for one would love to continue with those wonderful characters. Riley and Finn would be great candidates for young men falling for local island girls.

Today I completed the Green Mountain series and feel almost sad that the books are complete until new materials comes out. I have laughed so much between Grandpa and Dad in their matchmaking antics. Then, it is so funny to have the town Moose Fred showing up all over the place and scaring the city girls. I lived in Seattle, Washington at one time and you can go for a drive in the country and run into a wild Elk any day of the week. Believe me when I tell you Fred is a very believable character to this woman.

I just wanted to share my feelings with you and thank you for entertaining me this week with your wonderful work. I hope to enjoy your work for many more great books in the future.

The full moon is an equal opportunity moon! The moon giveth, and the moon taketh away! And just a heads up to those who may not know that authors aren’t actually required to respond to nasty-grams… If you’re going to come and crap on my day, I’m going to ignore you. Sometimes, like in the case above, I get a lot of laughs out of your crap, so thanks for the entertainment. And to the many, MANY readers who write lovely notes to their favorite authors, we appreciate you so much. Keep it coming!

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