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Happy Release Week, Gavin & Ella, AND a Giveaway!

ItsOnlyLove200-200x310I’m so excited to get It’s Only Love out to readers this week! The fifth book in the Green Mountain Series is my not-so-secret favorite one so far, as we finally get to learn more about our grief-stricken hero, Gavin Guthrie. We first got to know Gavin in book 2, I Want to Hold Your Hand, when his late brother’s widow, Hannah, found new love with Nolan. Add to that the death of his brother’s old dog, Homer, and Gavin has been spiraling ever since. It’s been nearly eight years since he lost Caleb, his brother and closest friend, and Gavin had been muddling along fairly well until these two events happen one on top of the other, undoing all his hard-won progress. And who is there to pick up the pieces? Ella Abbott, who has loved Gavin for as long as she can remember, and who loves him despite the mess he’s made of things lately. Gavin has tried to keep Ella at arm’s length because the last thing he wants is to drag her into his darkness. But when he decides he can’t fight what he feels for her any longer, that’s when things get REALLY interesting for both of them. 
In case you can’t tell, I LOVED writing this book! Gavin and Ella were both such interesting, complex characters. Readers have bonded with them over the last few Green Mountain books as their story began in fits and stops—mostly stops—including a very memorable kiss on the beach during Hannah and Nolan’s wedding. Right when Ella has given up on ever getting what she wants with Gavin—and she’s turned to her two best friends, Ben and Jerry, for solace—she gets yet another chance with Gavin. Taking that chance is going to require more courage than she’s ever needed before. 
I want to be sure to say a special thank you to all the readers who bought the book on release day, giving it a great first day! It’s Only Love is in the Top 100 at Kindle and the Top 10 at both iBooks and Nook! I’m thrilled with those rankings and with all the fantastic reviews you’ve left so far. I read them all, and I love them all (well, most of them—LOL). I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of the way my lovely readers support every new book with such love and enthusiasm for my characters and my stories. You all make my “job” so much fun!
AintSheSweet500Many of you are telling me you’re excited for the next Green Mountain book, Ain’t She Sweet, featuring our resident pain-in-the-rear Charley Abbott. In It’s Only Love, you get a hint of who her hero will be, and let me just say that I’ve finished Charley’s book, and Tyler Westcott was MORE than up to the task of wrangling Charley. I had so much fun writing them, and revisiting the Abbott family. In Ain’t She Sweet, you will also get more of Max’s heartbreaking entry into fatherhood AND you find out more about Abbott cousin, Grayson Coleman. You’ll get to spend Christmas with the Abbotts and Colemans, and attend Hunter and Megan’s wedding. So there’s lots to look forward to in Ain’t She Sweet. You can preorder Charley’s book right now!
It will also be available in print and audio in April. I can also tell you that book 7 will be called Every Little Thing, but I’m not saying too much more about that one until you’ve had a chance to read Ain’t She Sweet. I don’t want to give anything away. 🙂 In other Green Mountain news, I’m hoping to write Lincoln and Molly’s story as a “prequel novella” in 2016. More to come on that AND I know you guys want more of Patrick and Mary’s story, which I also hope to write soon. Lots more to come from the Green Mountains! 
I’ll be signing It’s Only Love this weekend at both Vermont Country Stores—on Saturday from 1-3 pm in Weston and on Sunday from 1-3 pm in Rockingham. I’m taking my whole team to Vermont with me for the weekend, so watch my Facebook page and Instagram for some photos from the Green Mountain state. We can’t wait to go back to Vermont and to see our friends at the stores, too! Find out more about the stores and get directions at
  1. Comment on this blog post with your FAVORITE moment from It’s Only Love (try to keep the spoilers to a minimum) to win one of our FABULOUS release week Green Mountain prize packs! The prize pack includes:
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  7. Other FUN things I will bring back from Vermont this weekend!

Today’s giveaway ends tomorrow morning, so get your comments in today! There are TWO other chances to enter today’s giveaway. Go to my Facebook page and comment on the pinned post AND comment on the Green Mountain Reader Group for yet another chance to win. So that’s THREE different opportunities to win a prize pack today! When you’re finished with It’s Only Love, join the It’s Only Love Reader Group to chat about the story with spoilers allowed. 

Thanks again for another amazing release week! 

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