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Marie Interviews Leigh James!

Marie: The Silicon Valley Billionaires are back in book 2, GABE, today!! (I loved this book so much!) Give us a brief summary of what’s happening in Gabe and Lauren’s world as book 2 opens.

Leigh: Hi Marie, thanks so much for having me on your blog and saying you love the book! It gives me all the feels!

When the book first opens, Gabe and Lauren are sleeping in after having a romantic night. Unfortunately, their peace is shattered when Gabe gets a phone call from Timmy, Lauren’s bodyguard—Lauren’s little sister, Hannah, has been kidnapped by ruthless healthcare CEO Li Na Zhao to finally strong arm Lauren’s technology from her.

So much for the afterglow!

Marie: Li Na is one of the most amazing villains I’ve read in a romance in a long time. She’s so deliciously EVIL. What was your inspiration for her character and please tell me we’re going to get to see her comeuppance at some point!

Leigh: My inspiration for Li Na’s character was—stay with me—our heroine Lauren Taylor herself. When I started imagining Li Na, I thought about Lauren. I needed a villain who was her equal. Clive Warren from Book 1 was too short-sighted, but Li Na is brilliant, driven, and completely committed to her vision—much like Lauren herself. Li Na has the ability (and forgive me if I admire her for it a little) to let go of everything except her ambition. My admiration comes to a screeching halt when she gets people killed and seriously injured, but I still feel sympathy for her, because I understand her motivation—she wants to be the best, to bring fame and respect to her company and her country. Her motivation is good, even though her tactics are completely criminal!

We ARE going to see a Li Na get her due, I promise!

Marie: What is it about Silicon Valley and the high tech world that made you want to write this series?

Leigh: Silicon Valley is crazy exciting! Every day I read articles about the new technology being created and the larger-than-life personalities behind some of these companies. It’s a hot bed for innovation and competition. I also imagine that the crazy work hours make people prone to living their whole lives at their jobs—which opens room for exciting romance, woo hoo!

Marie: Tell us about book 3, HANNAH, without giving anything away about what happens in book 2 (a tall order!)

Leigh: In HANNAH, Hannah is back from being kidnapped. Her bodyguard-boyfriend, Wesley, is back home as well, healing from serious injuries. They are both struggling with the terrible things that happened to them in Book 2, and their relationship is going through changes because they’ve both changed. Adding to the mix is Li Na Zhao, who’s back to terrorize Paragon and is also after another Silicon Valley company. Hannah is determined to get Li Na out of the picture, once and for all!

Marie: And what is your plan for book 4? (Your publisher asks casually.)

Leigh: I can’t stop thinking about Book 4, LEVI, and I can’t wait to write it!

This story centers around Gabe’s older brother, Levi, who runs Betts Security. His new assignment is to protect Bethany O’Donnell, Lauren Taylor’s aggressive, standoffish attorney. Bethany is representing a client in a high-profile sexual harassment case against a hot new startup. The defendant company is about to have its IPO and wants the case to go away, but Bethany has no interest in settling. Because the stakes are so high, things get dangerous fast. Levi must protect Bethany against death threats, but she’s also fighting him (and their burgeoning attraction) every step of the way!

Thanks so much for having me on, Marie! I love publishing with Jack’s House SO MUCH, it’s an honor and a privilege!

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