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Marie Recommends: Silicon Valley Billionaires: LAUREN

Like many of you, I’m a SUPER picky reader. A book has to really grab me to get me to spend hours lost in the world the author has created. As the publisher of Jack’s House Publishing, it’s been so much fun to find books that captivate me and to share them with you. I promise you—the only way I’ll EVER recommend a book to you is if I LOVED it—and I think you will, too! Today, I’m so pleased to recommend Silicon Valley Billionaires: LAUREN, by Leigh James, book one in an exciting new series set in the cut-throat high-tech world of Silicon Valley. I thought it would be fun to make a list of the things I loved about this book:

  1. The “billionaire” trope, while incredibly popular, is often about MALE billionaires. The first thing that attracted me to this book was the hot-shot FEMALE billionaire, who is brilliant and sheltered and all work and no play—until she meets a fellow billionaire CEO named Gabriel Betts, and life outside her lab starts to look really good to her!
  2. Gabriel Betts is smoking hot—and he’s out to show Lauren how to LIVE while she changes the world with her incredible invention. Imagine a patch that could be applied to your skin that would tell doctors everything they need to know about your health. Now picture that invention about to come to market, and a lot of people out to steal the technology before Lauren can score her victory. Oh and if they have to kill her to get their hands on the patch? Well, that’s just another day in the high-tech world!
  3. This book/series has the most SINISTER FEMALE villain I’ve read in a LONG time. She is deliciously evil and makes life very challenging for Lauren and Gabe.
  4. Did I mention that Gabe is smoking hot and Lauren decides there’s never been a better time to cash in the pesky V-card that she’s held on to for FAR too long. As Gabe introduces Lauren to pleasure unlike anything she could’ve imagined, he almost makes her forget she’s in the fight of her life to bring her invention to market before one of her competitors does it first.

This book is an absolute THRILL ride, from page one. Over the weekend, I finished reading book 2, GABE, and it was every bit as FABULOUS as book 1. I think you guys will love this new series as much as I do, and I hope you’ll get your copy of LAUREN today!

Read the first three chapters.

“This is the first book that I have read from Leigh James and I really loved it!! This book had smoking hot romance, suspense and a nail biting ending!! Loved the heat and chemistry between Lauren and Gabe. From the time they met and all through out the book, you could feel the attraction and chemistry pouring off of them.”—5 star review from Patti on Goodreads

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Read my interview with author Leigh James.

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Thank you so much for checking out Silicon Valley Billionaires: LAUREN! I hope you love it as much as I did!


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