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New Fatal Series Covers to be Revealed on Friday!

PrintFor a couple of months now, I’ve been telling you how we are rebranding the Fatal Series with ALL NEW covers that will include “Sam and Nick” on every book. The first ten covers (books 1-9 plus the Fatal Destiny novella) will be revealed FRIDAY, FIRST in the Fatal Series Reader Group before they are revealed elsewhere. If you want to be among the very first to see the new covers, make sure you join the group ASAP!

The Harlequin Books team has put a ton of hard work into creating these covers, and I LOVE them. They gave me what I always wanted for this series–the heart and soul of the books on the cover. And as Fatal Series readers know, Sam and Nick and their love affair is the heart and soul of the series. We looked through scores of photos to find just the right people to portray them on the covers, and the art team worked tirelessly to get the details just right. So much went into the planning behind the scenes, such as determining things like the time of year for each book, what major events transpired in each book and what they wore. A full-day photoshoot was held that resulted in hundreds (if not thousands) of images that were then narrowed to top choices. I want my readers to know that I was heavily involved in this process every step of the way, and while the people you see on the covers may not perfectly match your vision of Sam and Nick, they worked brilliantly for MY vision of what I wanted on the covers that are so critical to accurately portraying the books. You guys know me, I’m ALL about the romance, and these covers convey Sam and Nick’s epic romance so brilliantly. I can’t wait to show them to you on FRIDAY, so make sure you join the group ahead of the big reveal so you can be among the first to see the new covers. AND coming next week is the big reveal of the cover of the all-new FATAL IDENTITY, Fatal Series book 10, which is out in all formats on July 26. This is the first time a Fatal book will be simultaneously released in ebook, print and audio, and I’m very excited for this release. Since we’re unrolling the new covers, I have LOTS of sets of books with the old covers to give away to readers. So lots of fun stuff coming up in the next week or so for Fatal Fans! xoxo Marie

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