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I posted this to Facebook yesterday and the response was overwhelming! I couldn’t keep up with the comments from readers, so I decided to share it here, too:

Untitled design (2)To the people who insist on writing to me to say there is FAR too much graphic sex in my books (or too much cursing in the Fatal Series–hello, have you spent any time with cops?!?) I give you the other 99 percent of my readers…. Ready, set, GO!

(Oh and P.S., if you write to me and tell me there’s too much sex in my books, I’m going to smile and go on with my day while hoping you post a one-star review that says exactly that. Because nothing sells sexy books better than people complaining about the sex. You won’t hear back from me.)

And PPS: For the love of God, if you don’t like sexy books, PLEASE don’t buy RAPTUROUS because it’s DIRTY and Hayden’s favorite word starts with an F! And I love every filthy thing about him! Is it Tuesday yet?

Most of the comments asked if people really write to me and say these things. Yes, they do. Quite regularly, in fact. The comments run the gamut from “Your books would be really good if you’d only take out the sex scenes. Your stories don’t need all that sex to be good. What is the matter with you?” to “I’m not sure how you were raised, but when your characters take the Lord’s name in vain, you are sinning” to “No one uses the F word as much as your characters do. You don’t need to use that word to write good books.” And on and on it goes. I also have the people who love to send me laundry lists of every error they’ve ever encountered in my books—and yes, typos and errors happen in 100,000-word books despite my best efforts to avoid them. Inevitably these messages include the holier-than-thou offer to replace my current editor. Sigh….
The thing is, I love reader mail. I love it all—the good, the bad, the ugly, and I reply to almost all of it as soon as I possibly can. I’ve never once written a book that I thought would appeal to every person in the universe. I realize the appeal of my books is limited to readers who enjoy sexy romances—and thankfully there are a lot of you! Until recently, I felt a need to reply to everyone who took the time to write to me, no matter what they had to say. I’ve recently stopped doing that because if someone comes at me from a hateful point of view, nothing I say is going to diffuse the hate. I choose not to waste my limited time and energy defending myself or my books to them. That’s a no-win proposition. So I choose to focus on the 99 percent of you who seem to love what I’m doing and ignore the 1 percent who want me to change the way I write to satisfy their expectations. I think it’s quite simple actually—read someone else if you don’t like my books. I’d really be fine with that. But if you want to leave me that one-star “too much sex” review on your way to someone else, well, I wouldn’t mind that at all! 🙂
To the 99 percent, I say thank you for “getting me” and my books, and for making what I do every day such a joyful thing. Love you guys!
In other news:
Rapturous-SocialRAPTUROUS is out on Tuesday!
I’m very excited for the release of Rapturous on Tuesday! You’re going to want to grab this one RIGHT AWAY! One reviewer told me she didn’t expect to like Hayden let alone LOVE him, but love him she did–and so do I! You will learn much more about why Hayden is the way he is in this book, and you’ll have a heroine in Addie who FIGHTS for what she wants–and she wants him! I loved writing every word their sexy, dirty, filthy, sexy, romantic, hilarious, dirty romance! I hope you love it as much as I do! And remember to look for RAPTUROUS as well VIRTUOUS, VALOROUS and VICTORIOUS on the shelves at your local Barnes & Noble stores!

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Reader Weekend 2016 is FILLING UP FAST!RW-2016-BANNER600

I’m looking forward to another great weekend with readers in my hometown of Newport, Rhode Island, from June 24-26. Friday festivities begin with a Tiki Bar Party that includes a lobster bake and other New England cuisine as well as music from my high school friend Pat Cottrell in the style of Evan and Owen on Gansett Island. The night concludes with DJ Butch who knows exactly what songs we want to hear to dance the night away. You’ll get to meet my dad, my husband, my kids and my closest friends and family as well as the amazing team of women who support me on Team HTJB!


Saturday, weather permitting, I’ll take you to the real-life Gansett Island–Block Island, RI, where we’ll enjoy lunch at one of my favorite Island spots, Ballards Inn, right on the beach. Followed by tours of the island and an afternoon to explore, shop and visit the places that inspired the Gansett Series.

Sunday, I’ll host breakfast and a Q&A where you get to ask me anything you want to know about me, my writing, the books, upcoming storylines, etc. After that, I’ll sign books before we send you home hopefully filled with great memories and new friends.

Special bonus–this year we’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday at Reader Weekend, and I want you there! We do have a limit on the number of people we can accommodate and registrations are coming in fast and furious since the New Year. Don’t miss out! Go to my website for more information and to register. We do expect Reader Weekend to be a sell out this year, so please register soon! Look forward to seeing you in June! View the video from last year’s Reader Weekend by clicking here!

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