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Readers Meet Over Business and Become Friends Over Marie’s Books

April Genovese can’t pick a favorite character in Marie’s books. To do so, she says, would make her feel like she was cheating on the characters she didn’t choose.

Since April’s read every one of Marie’s books, there’s a vast array of favorite candidates. One of the top contenders might have to be April Genovese, a character in one of Marie’s books (we won’t give away the back story here). After all, it’s all in a name.

Each of Marie’s series has its own selling points for the office manager of a business systems company near her Scranton, PA home.

“I love that in the Gansett Island Series you always get an update on your favorite couples and I love all the new people coming to the Island,” she says. She doesn’t think she’ll ever get enough of Sam and Nick in the Fatal Series. And the Green Mountain series? “Well, I want to move to Vermont. Just don’t tell my husband.” April says she can’t say enough about the Quantum series and she can’t wait for more.

“Marie is just amazing; she has made me love reading again,” she says, explaining she’d largely given up reading since high school.

Business acquaintances become friends sharing their love of Marie’s books

Karen Bond, proud mother of two handsome sons, Samuel, 13 and Alexander, 11, was an active member of the MOMS Club, a support group for mothers of young children, of Scranton. She took the club’s newsletter to Jay’s Business Services, where April works, to have it copied. They had known each other for years, Karen says, before they became friends, in real life and on Facebook. They realized they liked the same type of books. April loaned Karen Maid for Love. Karen was hooked, soon finishing the Gansett Island series and beginning the Fatal series.

By this time Karen and April’s friendship had grown and the pair made plans to attend Marie’s reader event in New York City.


April, Marie and Karen

“Our only purpose coming into NY that day was to meet Marie Force,” she recalls.

April says, “We drove to New York that day and left that night after dinner. It was one of the greatest days of my life being able to meet Marie. She is by far my favorite author. I also got my signed copies of the Quantum series that night.”  

“Marie was so friendly and down to earth,” she continues. “She made us feel right at home at her event.   I follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I love that she tells us things that happen in her life. She also has an amazing staff. I was able to meet Julie and Holly and they are both wonderful ladies.”

Karen agrees.

“We had a great time and Marie was amazing.”

Karen and April are now hoping to go to Reader Weekend in Rhode Island this summer.

“We figured we would have a great time and feel like we would be part of the story too!” Karen says.

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