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Six Times My Characters Liked Something That I Don’t

I get asked all the time about how close to ME my characters are. Most of the time, they are a pretty solid reflection of me, except for people like Jim Sturgil and Leonard Stahl, of course. I don’t have much in common with those two at all! I started to think about a few times that my characters were out of synch with me, and I made this list:

  1. EveryoneLovesHero-300Cole Langston buys Mentos at the beginning of Everyone Loves a Hero. Now I have nothing at all against Mentos, but when there are Snickers and Kit-Kat and Twix in this world, no way I’m getting Mentos. Cole got a punch to the face for his troubles, so maybe he should’ve gone with the Snickers???
  2. In the Fatal Series, Nick loves hockey. I’m a hockey mom who hates to be cold, thus hockey doesn’t look that good on me. I love to watch my son and his friends play, and I root for the home team, but I run from the rink the second the game is over and dive into the heat of my car with my heated seats on FULL. Did I mention I ADORE my son and his friends and I’m happy to attend his games? Just making sure I said that….
  3. Kate Harrington in Marking Time is pursing a career in country music. I like SOME country music. Underline the word SOME. I tend to prefer Kate’s brand of crossover country to the twangy country like Reba’s. I don’t love that sound, but I did love my visit to the Grand Ole Opry last summer. That was awesome. 
  4. In the Green Mountain short story Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (at the end of I Saw Her Standing There), Will and Colton take Cameron and Lucy camping. I don’t do camping. Like ever. I saw a funny meme on Facebook yesterday: My friends asked me to go camping, so I’m making a list of what I need. 1. New friends. That’s me all the way! If the “camp” doesn’t come with wifi and room service, I’m not going! 
  5. Speaking of the Green Mountain Series, Lincoln Abbott loves the Beatles. I, um, do not love the Beatles. I don’t HATE the Beatles, because how can you hate their music? It’s catchy and cute and all sorts of other things that people (other than me) love. I just never saw what all the fuss was about. My kids and my assistant Julie, all of them big Beatles fans, called me out on my hypocrisy when I decided to use Beatles songs as titles for the Green Mountain Series. I may not love their music, but their titles worked perfectly for me—and they seem to have worked out well for them, too. Just so you don’t think I’m a total fraud, Let it Be is one of my top favorite songs of all times, so there is some love tossed in with all my Beatles ambivalence. In fact, if and when I write Linc and Molly’s story, I think I might call it Let It Be. So there. 
  6. The Abbott kids love to ski. Marie does not. In fact, her attempts at skiing are the stuff of legend in her family, such as the time the instructor had to tie himself to her to get her off the intermediate mountain, which was massive. There was nothing “intermediate” about it. She might’ve also once wiped out a whole group of kids on a tow rope, but don’t tell her I told you about that. There’s no proof that actually happened, despite what Mr. Force might say. He lies. (See #2, regarding Marie’s feelings about being cold.)
Now for some of the things my characters and I have in common:
In the Fatal Series, Sam and I both love Bon Jovi, although she takes it to whole OTHER level with her all Bon Jovi all the time life. I like Bon Jovi. She LOVES Bon Jovi.
I love the sugar donuts from the real life McCarthy marina (Payne’s Dock in Block Island) as much as Big Mac does. But I never eat three in one day. Well, I don’t do that anymore….
I love live music like the kind that Evan and Owen provide on Gansett. 
I love bonfires, but you’ve probably figured that out because they show up often in my books.
I love the beach, the water, boating and being in the sun, which is also not a newsflash to anyone who’s read Gansett.
Love it or hate it—now it’s your turn to ask if certain things my characters like or do are on my love or hate list. Or maybe you can guess whether I love it or hate it? You tell me!

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  • October 22, 2015
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