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Thinking About Gratitude Today

LoveAfterDark200This has been an amazing couple of weeks for me and my little book business. First there was the incredible four-book, seven-figure deal for the next four Fatal books that was struck at the end of last month with Harlequin. Followed this week by the news that Love After Dark, Gansett book 13, is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. It hit no. 7 on the ebook list and no. 14 on the combined print-ebook list on the New York Times, and no. 20 out of the top 150 bestselling books on the USA Today list. These results were particularly exciting because it was a very competitive week in the book business, and Love After Dark scored the best first-week numbers I’ve ever had for a new book. I continue to be amazed by the response to my books, and I owe so much gratitude for the good things that are happening to the loyal readers who show up time and again to support me and my books. I appreciate each and every one of you, as well as the lovely reviews you’ve left for the new book on Amazon, BN, iBooks and Goodreads. I read most of them, and I love to hear your thoughts about the books. This is the sixth time this year my books have appeared on the bestseller lists, which is yet another “pinch me” moment in a long list of them lately. And we’ve still got three more books coming before the end of 2015, so *maybe* we’re not done yet! Fingers crossed (and knocking wood)!
I am also grateful today for:
—The amazing team that supports me behind the scenes. Julie is my “major domo” who makes it all happen by overseeing every aspect of my business. Lisa is our tenacious CFO, who keeps a sharp eye on the bottom line and as I like to joke—keeps me out of jail by paying the taxes on time. Holly is our “Shippy” who sends out tons of books and merchandise and formats my ebooks. My niece, Isabel, handles my print book layouts so beautifully. Nikki takes care of Goodreads and Pinterest and a million other things that would get dropped by the wayside without her help. Cheryl writes about my readers and helps with publicity. Ashley and Courtney are our Designing Women, who do all our graphic design work. Ashley and her husband Bryan also stared as the cover models for Love After Dark, with the amazing work of our photographer friend Pam. My husband Dan runs the home front so I have more time to write. They say it takes a village to support an author, and mine is the very best. 
—The wonderful retail partners at Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Google and Kobo who make it possible for authors to publish direct to readers. Without them, the Gansett Island Series, the Treading Water Series, the Quantum Series and four of my stand-alone books might never have made it to readers. The platforms provided by the retailers have given me a career I never could’ve dreamed of, and I’m thankful for those opportunities every day. 
BISwagAs a special thank you to my readers for all your support, I have a Block Island swag bag to give away. I brought it back from my travels to my favorite island last week (and how fun it was to be there during a Gansett release week) and I’m putting it up for grabs for one lucky reader. Three other readers will win $50 Amazon gift cards. All you have to do is comment on this post, and then check back Monday to see who won. The winners will be posted in the comments to this blog on Monday. Good luck everyone, and thanks again for the FANTASTIC support of Love After Dark!
Haven’t read Love After Dark yet? Get it here: 
CelebrationAfterDark500And preorder Gansett Book 14, Celebration After Dark, Big Mac and Linda’s story, out on December 1!

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