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Voting for Marie Beta Reader Kara Conrad’s Son and Triple Threat Begins Tonight!

It seems Kara Conrad is a star magnet. As one of Marie’s beta readers, she reads Marie’s books pre-publication to make sure all is as intended and has been instrumental in Marie’s crazy ride to the top. And now, her son Caleb and his two high school pals, Tyler Davis and Will Richey, are on a meteoric rise of their own–not as authors, but as America’s Got Talent (AGT) musicians.

Caleb, Tyler and Will are probably so tired of being called “beautifully nerdy,” the description they earned from AGT judge Howard Stern the first time they appeared on the star-making show. But they’ll get over it, because the trio has become incredibly popular and have twice been approved to move up and on by the judges. Beginning tonight (August 11), fans can vote for them (please do!) to become the next AGT champions.

The trio met while attending Benton High School in Arkansas. While Tyler and Will have been best friends since elementary school, Caleb met the pair when they were all sidelined from football by injuries in high school. They all had a background in singing. Tyler and Will performed as a duet in talent shows and church functions and Caleb was a solo singer. On the sidelines during practice, they started to talk and realized they had a lot in common, including music. Soon they were singing together. They started performing locally and then decided to get serious about their singing and performing.

According to, “Triple Threat first drew attention in Arkansas for its catchy Razorback-themed music videos, ‘Never Yield,’ a theme-song based on UA's athletic slogan, and ‘Hey Grude,’ a parody of ‘Hey Jude’ that unsuccessfully attempted to lure former NFL coach Jon Gruden to Arkansas.”

In May, their first AGT performance aired. They sang MKTO’s song, Classic, and got the green light from all four judges. In July, their second appearance aired. They sang Ariana Grande’s Problem, got four thumbs up again, and were among six contestants selected to participate in the next round, the live performances at Radio City Music Hall in New York today. And now, the public voting begins during the show tonight and lasts until noon EST tomorrow (8/12). To vote, download the free AGT app or call the number they provide on screen during tonight's show. Please note, you can vote up to 10 times!

PS: Caleb’s mom, Kara, won a contest Marie had several years ago that asked people to share stories about kids. The story Kara told that started the whole beautiful relationship between her and Marie? Caleb used to spend a lot of time in Aaron’s room. It wasn’t because the brothers liked each other, so much. It was because Caleb’s room was so messy he couldn’t open the door!

Addendum: Triple Threat was eliminated from the competition a day after three of the four judges expressed criticism with their live performance at Radio City Music Hall in New York, where they performed Destiny's Child's Say My Name in a show broadcast live at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

"Well, our AGT road ends here, but that's okay!" the group wrote on Twitter. "We're so thankful for this amazing opportunity! It's been a blast!"

Caleb's mom, Kara, said it's been a bit of a tough time for the group members, but she and loads of people from her town and the state are so proud of them. AR Governor Asa Hutchinson posted a video online hours before their last performance and urged Arkansans to vote for them. It was clear from social media that people from around the country were cheering for them, too.

"They have an amazingly loyal fan base who would never let three judges' opinion alter theirs," she said. "Caleb said last night it was an amazing experience and he is happy with how the guys performed and conducted themselves. I know the future holds more fantastic adventures for these guys."

Marie agrees.

"I'm so proud of Caleb and Triple Threat for their amazing run on America's Got Talent. I have no doubt we will be hearing from them again soon!"

by Cheryl Serra, director of publicity for Marie​

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