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YOU’LL BE MINE, Available Today!

YoullBeMineUK500Along with their parents,

Patrick Murphy & Lincoln and Molly Abbott,

Cameron Murphy and Will Abbott

invite you to attend their wedding

on Saturday, October 24, at 2 P.M.

at their home in Butler, Vermont.

Reception to follow immediately.

There’s just something about a wedding, isn’t there? When two people decide to commit themselves to a lifetime together, especially when we’ve gotten to watch them fall in love as we did with Will and Cameron in ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Remember that moment in the mud, after Cameron collided with Fred the moose and Will came to her rescue? I loved writing these two, including his initial irritation over why she’d come to town as she glommed on to the fact that he has NINE brothers and sisters! A family like the ones she used to watch on TV when she was growing up motherless with an absent father and a team of nannies to raise her. In the Abbotts, Cameron found the family of her heart, and in Will she found the love of her life. Today, their wedding novella YOU’LL BE MINE hits electronic bookshelves, and you can expect all the usual things from the Abbott family—love, laughter and happily ever after for Will and Cam—and of course a visit or two from Fred the moose!

I really enjoyed writing this wedding story, which brings Patrick Murphy to Butler for the first time since Cameron relocated to live with Will. To say he arrives in HIGH style is putting it mildly. His arrival into town is one of my favorite things ever in this series. I giggled madly while writing it….

Cameron glanced at her watch. Three minutes until two. Patrick would be here any second, probably in the town car he used to get around the city. Under no circumstances could she picture her dad driving himself six hours north to Vermont. Not when there were deals to be struck and money to be made. Time, he always said, was money.

He’d shocked the hell out of her when he told her he wanted to come up on Thursday so he could spend some time with her and Will before the madness began in earnest. Her dad would be sleeping in their loft tonight, and Will had already put her on notice that he would not have sex with her while her dad was in the house. She couldn’t wait to break his resolve.

The thought of how she planned to accomplish that had her in giggles that died on her lips at the familiar thump, thump, thump sound that suddenly invaded the peaceful afternoon.

No way. No freaking way. He did not!

If this was what she thought it was, she’d have no choice but to kill him. Warily, she got up from her chair and ventured down the stairs to look up at the sky just as her father’s big, black Sikorsky helicopter came swooping in on tiny Butler, bringing cars and people to a halt on Elm Street.

One woman let out an ear-piercing scream and dove for some nearby bushes.

Equal parts amused and aggravated, Cameron took off jogging toward the town common, the one space nearby where the bird could land unencumbered. As she went, she realized she should’ve expected him to make an entrance. Didn’t he always?


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Find out what else happens during Will and Cam’s wedding weekend in YOU’LL BE MINE, a Green Mountain novella, out today.

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In print in the Ask Me Why anthology:

(The ebook was previously released in the Ask Me Why anthology this past summer, so some of you may have already read it.)

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